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  1. Zacha could be hurt, or may benefit from watching a game from the halo, or might be rested so he can last the entire season since he's never tried an 82-game many reasons not to worry about if he sits in Game 3 of the year
  2. Miraculously he bagged 8 goals in 18 games for the worst-scoring team in the league last year, so we all got pretty excited about his full-season potential. We'll see how it goes this year...
  3. I watch all sports on delay. I get to watch so much more in much less time.
  4. The Queen loses again
  5. maybe they'll Gomez him & let him practice for a bit into October, perhaps November and then decide. I think the team should move on....but this other method leaves the door open
  6. The Galloping Ghost from the Alaskan Coast !
  7. Thx, I was thinking of the Conference.
  8. Great for him ! He's accomplished a lot and must still want more. That's a champion.
  9. Last ? No. A lot would have to go wrong & also for a bit of time before we end up last. The Leafs will bring up the rear
  10. My biggest concern is if Schneider can duplicate his results from last season. It will be a challenge for sure. We were 5th in our Conference and 9th overall in Goals Against. These are also challenging numbers for a team to repeat.
  11. I took off the nameplate as soon as Parsie signed with the Wild. Hmm, I thought he was gonna be # 44
  12. great wheels...but hands of stone. I'd rather have JJ than Gio.
  13. More deals than the Rags, so that's quite the different July 1st !
  14. correct, Lou is mentoring Dumas
  15. thx, I just knew there had to be a connection but I couldn't remember that one...