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  1. Classy move by Michael Moore

    here's another pic of Moore: picture
  2. Classy move by Michael Moore

    Lawsuits? what there to sue about? Margin of victory is more than outstanding provisionals. Electoral vote victory. 3.5 million popular vote victory. The SILENT MAJORITY does exist - and this is proof. The majority of the popular vote, electoral vote - and over 50% of the popular vote at that. No blaming Nadar, no blaming the "1 man 1 vote" naive theory. Bush got over FIFTY PERCENT of the popular vote - which hasn't been done since the 80's - BEFORE Clinton.
  3. actually, regardless of where the paths were, I've already felt that the hurricanes will help Bush in FLA and I think he will carry that state. Bush has visited the State, is providing aid, and it's prevented the oppositon from campaigning there. Combined with the good economy in FLA - due to more people and construction for that growth - the state has gained 2 electoral votes and now stands at 27, which is 10% of the total needed to win.
  4. Bush 'Took Cocaine at Camp David'

    swede, it was the cable media that kept the swift boat thing alive. the broadcast media quickly dimissed it. on this topic, according to the rumours, Bush skipped his physical in 1972 because of cocaine and then in 1992 he still doing it at Camp David. C'mon does anyone honestly think this is a 20 year habit? It's absurd to even imagine. Unless it's Marion Barry, of course.
  5. Rather Crashing and Burning

    and yet another week goes by, Kerry can't get the wheels on his campaign and the clock is still ticking. He now needs a knockout in the debates and that is extremely unlikely.
  6. How long do you feel the lockout will last?

    Which side ?
  7. Canada wins World Cup of Hockey

    Winners !
  8. Canada wins World Cup of Hockey

    Wrist looks strong enough now !
  9. Canada wins World Cup of Hockey

    Marty wins again !!
  10. Ive hit the boiling point with ESPN

    Same here. Since I don't care about baseball/basketball and very little about the NFL, I only tune into the channel for College Football which it covers alot. But I also find it very surprising how unsupportive they have been to a game that they are under contract to televise. Oh well...not anymore. God I had to mute the set last night anytime Clement opened his yap. He is awful. When the NHL does return I hope they get new announcers for the NBC telecasts. my feelings today: my feelings last night: Marty & Nieds win again...
  11. Brodeur ready for Final

    Canada meets Finland in World Cup final Staff 9/14/2004 Canada and Finland meet in the World Cup of Hockey championship game tonight in Toronto, with questions surrounding Canada's starting goaltender starting to diminish. Martin Brodeur, who missed the semifinal with a sprained wrist, practiced for the second stright day Tuesday morning and looks ready to go. ``I'm pretty certain he'll play,'' Canadian coach Pat Quinn said Tuesday. ``He looked good in practice.'' Roberto Luongo, who started for Brodeur in the semifinals against the Czech Republic, told the media on Sunday that he is preparing to play in the final - just in case. Brodeur hinted after Monday's workout, though, that he would be ready for the final. ``It was the first time in five or six days I was able to use it,'' Brodeur said. ``I was really happy with the way I felt (Monday) morning. I just don't know how it's going to react throughout the day. ``But if it feels the same way that it felt today, then I think I'll be fine.'' There is no doubt about the Finnish goaltender. Miikka Kiprusoff has been stellar for Finland - as he was for the Calgary Flames last season. ``If he plays well, then there is a big chance to win the game,'' coach Raimo Summanen said. ``The Canadian team is watching the Kipper all the time and it knows that he can play unbelievable game.'' Tonight's game marks an interesting off-ice match-up between two Hall of Fame former team-mates. Wayne Gretzky is the executive director for Team Canada, while Jari Kurri is an assistant coach with Team Finland.
  12. What are you going 2 do now that theres no season?

    What are you going to do if there's no season? Watch more College FB, NFL etc. Follow AHL Wait for the NHL players to do the '99 All-Stars' team thing again. What will the money usually spent on hockey be spent on? hard to say, but it will be spent ! Will you be able to watch any hockey? Yeah, I got all these videotapes of 3 Stanley Cup runs to watch. The best one has to be the lockerroom footage after the first Cup win. It's like an hour of Sportschannel, where nowadays you get 15 minutes of video and that's it !

    Yep, this blows. Average Salaries doubled during 96-->03 from $985K to $ 1.8M. Owners want average salary down to $ 1.3 M So owners want players to take 25% pay cut. Players offered 5%. See you in 2005 !