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  1. My biggest concern is if Schneider can duplicate his results from last season. It will be a challenge for sure. We were 5th in our Conference and 9th overall in Goals Against. These are also challenging numbers for a team to repeat.
  2. I took off the nameplate as soon as Parsie signed with the Wild. Hmm, I thought he was gonna be # 44
  3. great wheels...but hands of stone. I'd rather have JJ than Gio.
  4. More deals than the Rags, so that's quite the different July 1st !
  5. correct, Lou is mentoring Dumas
  6. thx, I just knew there had to be a connection but I couldn't remember that one...
  7. I'll be surprised if Shero's gonna have a 35 y/o & a 40 y/o as forwards on his team. One may be a safety net for the other, but I just can't see both and Cammy is also 34
  8. worst news of the day, but we'll replace him
  9. probably puts an end to Elias with NJD.... 1 year is great, esp at 1.25
  10. Not Frans Nielsen, but he'll have to do as our Center. He's 35, so not expecting a long term or high $, maybe $ 2M-2.25
  11. I'd agree if this was a 5 or 6 year deal, but 3 is perfect for him at age 32/33 A poor-man's Larsson. Not as much O, less of a shot blocker ...but a good fit. Another good day for far..since no big & bad deals
  12. this looks like a good fit. Right D, with similar numbers lust a little less Time on Ice
  13. I was interested in Lovejoy !! Since he''s a former Pen, it was almost guaranteed to sign with NJ ! Replacement for # 5
  14. Lou's no longer GM !
  15. ahh, he's done anyways