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  1. Favorite Fighter/Tough Guy Devils Ever Had

    Definately Cam...
  2. 2006 Free Agent List

    Right, because we'd want Petr "hit the post" Sykora back
  3. Keys to Devils off-season.

    You're kidding right?? That goal that Carolina scored with 3 seconds to go got setup because Raffi wasn't skating hard, had his stick off the ice. Not to mention the amount of passes that he couldn't keep in the zone. He supposed to be our QB on the Powerplay and looks as bad as Eli Manning in that position. I would mind seeing the Poor Man's Niedermeyer go elsewhere. Remember, Lou wanted nothing to do with him until Nieds thought a brother act in the NHL was a good idea. Whats was Raffis +/- in the Carolina series?
  4. Series over revisited??????????

    I think Carolina is a better team in one place....Behind the bench. I love Lou but I don't think he has the coaching experience needed to get a team through a bad stretch like this. Thats what sucks about the playoffs...3 bad games and you feel that you are sunk.... 1 game at a time, if we can just get it to the point of a 6th game where we are looking to tie the series.. Carolina's coach NEVER bothered me when he was in NYI but some of the comments hes made this series, what an a-hole
  5. Starting the List.

    Gotta disagree... Rafalski (poor man's Niedermayer) needs to go....
  6. game, set, match

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Our coaches have started to panic. I mean the end of the game where players weren't sure who should be taking the faceoff, who was supposed to be on the ice, shows the choas the coaches are in trying to figure out what to do rather than rolling out 4 lines like they did during their 15 game winning streak.
  7. Series over???

    What does the 02 series have to do with anything???
  8. Fischler 5/08/06

    i read in an article that Clark said Hitchcock would be returning to Philly next season. Although Burns health is improving, it doesn't sound like he'll be back behind any bench anytime soon. Please god, NO QUINN!!!
  9. Bottom line.... every series in Rd 2 is currently at 2-0. Someone is coming back to win a series, so why can't it be us.... Go Devils!!
  10. My observations: Is it me or does it seem like there are 10 hurricanes to our 5 Devils out there per shift. Man that team is a bunch of speed demons. Bad calls, yes they happen but its expected and we can't go blaming bad calls for our loses. Passing.... awful, except for Jamie's goal. The team lost as a whole last night. Being outshot 29-7 in the final 2 periods is horrific but it looked like we were going to steal one from them. What transpired in the final 10 seconds I blame on Rafaslki...watch the replay. Rafalski went to easy into the corner where the puck was, stick up at the waste looking to hold the guy into the boards. Had his stick been on the ice, it would have been in the passing lane and the puck would never have reached the front of the net. I am not sure what he was thinking because that was such a crucial moment. CLOG THE PASSING LANES Rafalski annoyed me in 04 against Philly and hes back at it again in this series. Too many passes to count last night that jumped over his stick.