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  1. Carolina's Arena & their Fans

    I was their too, so I can attest to this. They cry for penalities during the entire game. People in front of me were standing so we had to stand, well the idoits behind us were throwing temper tantrums, yelling at us to sit. Just stupid. Old bag sounded like she had one foot in the grave from all the cigerettes smoked in her lifetime. Had some good conversations with some fans after the game but, even they were embarressed for their fans. Next time we play we need to bring several bus loads down. Their are seats to be had. I heard some were being sold for 5 bucks because everyone their already had their tickets. I would love to get a Lets Go De-Vils chant going there. Maybe we can use the forum to schedule a weekend trip to show these clowns that devil fans are superior. Talking to one canes fan and they hate wings fans because their is a bigger showing of wings fans at the carolina games.
  2. Series over revisited??????????

    So true. Ever since the being down 3-1 to Philly, I am a believer. Got to love it. I am headed to RBC for tonights game. Lets Go De-Vils. And to put it all into perspective games 2 and 3 could have gone our way. I really think they have a good chance at pulling this off. I missed watching yesterdays game due to a wedding but kept getting score updates from my buddies. I heard they played with a lot of intensity. And even got a shorty by Pandolfo. Sweet.
  3. Series over revisited??????????

    You're right we probably will not see eye to eye. Outscored because of game one. How many of those goals are pp goals? How many 5 on 3's did they have? My buddy who is a Habs fan heard the pp goal statistic for carolina going into game three and was beside himself. The NHL would have never allowed this, but we all have to adjust to the new style. How come we were the most displined team throughout the season but, cannot do it now. Carolina has a run of luck just like we did to finish up. We have to find a way to break that momentum even if we outplay them because they will find a way, and that is what they did. Quality scoring chance count to, not just shots on goal. And we all know Carolina is throwing the puck to the net to see if good things happen. Fortunately for them it has. 0-3 hole like I said early in a post easily could be 2-1 or 1-2.
  4. Series over revisited??????????

    OK, here goes I felt we were outplayed in game one. No legs, too much time off. Game two we outplayed them, not a domination like they had in game one but we outplayed them. Game three, we outplayed them until the end of the third period where they dominated the neutral zone. We could not even get the puck down their to setup. That's what I saw. But overall game three was even, game two we outplayed them and game one, well we won't even go there, we stunk. Oh and game 2 was definitely a bad break, and bad calls. Interference on Langs, come on that negated a pp chance for us. That instance should have been diving on I think it was Doug Weight. Goal in overtime was not kicked but he ran into Brodeur, I've seen less contact with goaling interfernce being called. Not that I agree that should have been called but under the circumstance of this game, It should have been a makeup from the Parise goal. Yes Gomer ran into him pretty hard but, the puck was already past him. Gomer blocked his vision puck was going in reguardless. No need for OT if that counts.
  5. Series over revisited??????????

    Well I do not agree that they are the better team. What I will say is that they are getting the lucky breaks right now with crap goals getting in. I am not discounting them because goals are goals. It appears that the first loss put us in a tailspin that we have to manage out of. It's like one thing goes wrong and then a domino effect occurs. We outplayed them in game two, but came up short. Last game seemed even to me, but again we came up short. Their are so many could be's with this series that you can not count them out. I know these are could of, would of, should of's but this series could be 2-1 devils or 2-1 carolina. Its just like our 15 game streak when things are rolling in your corner you feel unstopable. Look at the last game against Montreal this season. We were down by a ton and just came back. The domino effect. We need that to change Saturday. One win at a time. Lets Go De-Vils.
  6. Series over revisited??????????

    Just wanted to say I am new to the forum and that I totally agree. Especially about Gio and Gomer buzzing around the net. They need to do that. To bad we could have Whitey or Jan take an early hard goaltender interference call so Ward's head will be on a swivel. Heck they did it to Marty in the first two. Anyhow I am not giving up hope. I have tickets for Sunday in Carolina. Plus I gave up hope when the Devs went down 3-1 on Philly way back when so I have told myself not to give up on this team. They find strange ways to get things done. So I am hoping for another one of those strange things to happen. Robinson walked out on them when things were dismal and Lou took over and got them to the playoffs. This team relys on soal searching. So lets Go De-Vils. One other point and I am done. Is it just me or has the officiating in the playoffs not represent the regular season. And I mean they are whistle happy. I feel like one of them has swallowed the whistle and evertime he takes a breath we're in the box. I just do not know how the best displined team gets put in the box so much. I want to see 5 aside hockey. That's how you determine the best team to move on, and only call flagrant stuff. I know we had more powerplay opportunities last game but.... The officials should call game misconducts for diving too.