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    Contrary to all these reports, I think that the applicable terminology from the CBA, namely 50.5 (d)(i)(b)(5), is rather ambigious. It states that all player salary bonuses earned in a season by a player who in the second or later year of a contract that was signed when they were over 35 shall count toward cap even if that player is NOT on the Club's Active Roster, Injured Reserve....Meaning, that IF the player IS ON the injured reserve, there wont be a cap hit - that should take care of mogs. Also, the "whether, or where" language actually states "whether, or where the player is playing." Well, playing is UNdefined - and could only mean that a player is being sit or that a player is not actually being played or used - ala Darren Langdon. It may not have been meant to entail a player who is refusing to report to camp or for that matter refuse to play. If a player is refusing to play, I do not see how the league can justify taxing the devils for a player who is refusing to play or even report to camp. I think a valid argument exists that the intention here was to protect a PLAYER from moves by a team to disown him when he got old, not to punish a team for a player who refuses to participate.
  2. Bigger nets, bigger scores

    But how much skill does it really take. Skill is putting a puck though a crevice created by a goalies weekness, or from good passing leaving a portion of the net open. Not from being able to put the puck in the portions of the net the goalie cannot cover. Goalie equipement is restrictive enough. Its physically impossible to cover a net bigger than it is while a puck is traveling at 130 MPH from 30 feet away. Pucks are being fired harder and faster than ever, there has to be a balance. Make the nets bigger, but take composite sticks and bring back good old twigs. Gotta give goalies a fighting chance to make a save.
  3. Bigger nets, bigger scores

    As a goalie, I wholeheartedly disagree. Why doesn't the NHL just put a paper cut out of a goalie and strap it to the posts? I mean, wouldn't the fans love that? Hockey is a game of offense and DEFENSE, its not suppose to be "easier" to score. What fans hate seeing goalies make saves (or for that matter play the puck out of the corner)? For me, its just as exciting watching Marty steal a close game at 2-1, than a 9-7 "barn burner". If this rule were to come into effect, you would see half the goalies in the league out in the first 4 weeks with injuries (an effect of the faster game already seen last season).
  4. Devils 2nd Opening Song

    What about Yanni's "Standing in Motion"? I thought they brought it back during the pregame video reel.
  5. Sabres-Canes, Game 2 (BUF Leads 1-0)

    first post, but felt like I needed to add this, OLN followed the game with Youngblood, bravo. "the only thing better than a glass of beer is tea with ms mcgill"