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  1. I agree.
  2. This is just stupid. He insults Americans and he insults Canadians. I couldn't even bother to read the entire article it was just that lame. Does he actually get paid to do this? Man, I'm in the wrong line of work!
  3. I think the media likes to blow this stuff up a bit. I heard that he had a broken bone in his foot, which certainly can be managed depending on the bone and is alot different then breaking your foot. Gotta love that media!
  4. Just like all previous years the Rangers aren't going anywhere. That team just can't get it together.
  5. You're right about that but Belfour has gone to the Panthers as backup. I'm surprised at some of the decisions that are being made by front office to be honest.
  6. I just can't believe that, it's very surprising.
  7. Can I just say how shocked I am that Manny Legacy is still unsigned by any team? WTF? Does anyone know any more about his status or is he still in limbo?
  8. I haven't eaten Spam but I have eaten KAM which is a similar version of Spam. I didn't think it was that bad.
  9. It's really shocking. I really feel for Manny. The numbers were great and he should be looked at certainly no doubt by Florida. I would hate to see such a good asset be left with no job at all. Martin Gerber to Ottawa is shocking to me anyway let alone over Manny. Gerbers playoffs sucke also, that's why they had to bring in Ward. Fools!
  10. CONGRATS! I am very happy to be a new member of this board and It's the best board out there for smart, intelligent and relevent conversation about Hockey and most importantly for me...the DEVILS. He's to many many more!
  11. roenick's out of the mix for this one. He just signed with Pheonix
  12. JR has signed a one year deal with the Pheonix Coyotes as per TSN.CA. No information about contract specifics was given
  13. Shut up! Seriously?! Well that is fantastic, I work right off of Spring garden actually. We've probably passed each other on Spring Garden loads of times. I agree, there are alot more Devils fans now then back in the day, it just goes to show what great taste we have.
  14. I echo evryones sentiments. Steve was one of the best most sportsmanlike players there was, a true leader and definitely all class. I'll miss seeing him in the NHL for certain. Way to go Steve what a great run!