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  1. ohhh my god, nhl 2k3 is so good its like...u controlling REAL hockey players, you need to know hockey to win in this game, that just tells u its a good game. Im 5-2 with the devils so far in my season.
  2. i gotta update my screen name...haha
  3. lou knows more than us, he knows what hes doing
  4. we are good, c. darby, berglund, roche, giroux, bicek...those are all star players.
  5. i live in albany and im right down the street from where they play...so i go to like 40 games a year
  6. we are a good team, no worries, i remeber somone was gowing crazy about how there worried about this team, and it was after the tampa game. Devils fans gotta calm down, there in first place in the eastern confrence, and yet they dont thank the devils
  7. this isent no good start, there a good team, very underrated...there gonna make the playoffs...im positive
  8. it was it was
  9. why are people still complaining, we are 5-1, thats not bad, almost perfect...yes scoring is down, but u dont need to score 5 goals if u only let in 1, winning 2 goals in a game is worth the same as getting 10 goals in a game..2 pts
  10. CHRIS G, ur avatar is by far the best...for me to poop on!!!!!!..but no ur right, metro sucks, is the game on metro tonight?
  11. hahah i think thats the longest post making fun of the rangers...ever...
  12. your forgetting gionta
  13. yeah i myself is pretty bored, i miss having elias scoring 40 goals, and having 5 20, or more goal scorers...but oh well, see i love watching great goaltending so thats why i still love watching the games!
  14. all i know is devils are 4-1, and rangers... well they just suck
  15. thats really funny lol, this season is turning out better than we thought, devils 4-1, rangers 2-3, rangers losing players, ahh this is great