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  1. Chico

    No, actually this is not my first post. While the current identity is Sec234, I was JHofSec234. Some of the avatars currently in play are my designs. It has just been a while since I had something to say and I was certainly going to jump off the bench to defend my man Chico.
  2. Chico

    As has been written so many times in this thread, Chico is the man. Like many others on this board, I've had the opportunity to interact with Chico and he is always generous with his time. During one post-game visit, security had to shoo us all (including Chico) out on to the concourse so they could do the final sweep. He is our constant link to the entire history of the franchise...from the day Dr. McMullen and partners announced the move from Colorado to the present day. He is our Rizzuto, our Kiner, our Jerry Remy....he is ours. While he hasn't been the face of the franchise, he is certainly part of the soul. The best color man in the business? No, but better than some of the hacks I've heard over the years. God bless ya, Chico! I hope you've got many more broadcasts left in the tank.