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  1. Devils vs. Montreal Canadiens

    Hey guys! You may remember me as the guy who posted about going to atlantic city a couple months ago!!! And six flags and all.. Anyways.. I'm a habs fan !! I'm just wondering, with Gomez out of the lineup what lines can we expect to see? Also, can you tell me about your rookies? Their strenghts and weaknesses? Thanks and good luck boys!
  2. Going To New Jersey In 6 Weeks!

    Being the fastest coaster in the world... dont you black out from the speed?
  3. Going To New Jersey In 6 Weeks!

    I heard Kingda Ka is closed a lot because of problems, is this true? Also my friend just told me Nitro is the best roller coaster in the world?
  4. Going To New Jersey In 6 Weeks!

    Thanks for the info, one last thing. Can someone rank the top roller coasters at six flags great adventure in order just so I could know which ones not to miss?
  5. Going To New Jersey In 6 Weeks!

    Oh lol so this is 2 miles closer?
  6. Going To New Jersey In 6 Weeks!

    There has been a slight change of plans. We will be staying in ocean city not atlantic city. Anybody know any cheap motels/hotels in ocean city? Also how far is great adventure from ocean city?
  7. Going To New Jersey In 6 Weeks!

    Thanks a lot buddy! Are you sure tho if I bring a coke can I can save 60 bucks? It doesnt say anything on the site.. By the way any coke can work? I'm from good old montreal quebec! By the way here almost all summer long its been raining.. is it like that there too?
  8. Going To New Jersey In 6 Weeks!

    So how long does it take to get to Six Flags from atlantic city without backroads if we're gonna be going around 85 MPH? Still an hour and half?
  9. Going To New Jersey In 6 Weeks!

    WOW I'm lost lol. Anybody else have any advice?
  10. Going To New Jersey In 6 Weeks!

    http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.ad...z=08527&r=f Is this the direction you're talking about? Wow an hour and a half is long. Does it really take that long with fast drivers?
  11. Hey guys I'm new to the boards! I'll be hitting Atlantic City in the beggining of august. I was wondering what great attractions/restaurants/shops there are there. I also wanna go to Six Flags Great Adventure being a fan of roller coasters and all. How far is six flags from Atlantic City? Do you think I could ride all the major rides in one day? What about the Go Karts? How much do they cost and how many mph do they go? If there are any other events in august that would be worth seeing just tell me about it!