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  1. Robinson, MacLean, Albelin Named as Assistant Coaches

    good for tommy. great to see him still with the organization
  2. GDT TB @ DEVILS 7pm 4/20/07

  3. I can give 1 person a way to watch the games

    slingbox defintely rocks
  4. Claude exits via high road

  5. Your Top 5 Rated Hardcore Bands...

    forgot some links cro mags - we gotta know (live). one of the greatest intros ever the entire gorilla biscuits cbgb's reunion show i grew up on youth crew hardcore, kevin seconds is one of my idols http://youtube.com/watch?v=hl0dxxYZ-sA
  6. Your Top 5 Rated Hardcore Bands...

    bad brains minor threat gorilla biscuits cro mags 7 seconds
  7. Kevin Smith

    Brian O'Halloran (played Dante in Clerks, and other roles in Smith's films) is a Devils' fan as well.
  8. Home opener attendance??

    first post here, been lurking for a while. ill be attending tonights game section 216