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  1. Did anyone find the Devils signature brew anywhere?
  2. The goal song wasn't louder than everything else, it's ear piercing because it has zero production value. It really drains the energy out of the situation. Also what was up with the gymnastics going on in the main concourse? Is Score-O gone because people might get booed?
  3. Staples Center has a McDonalds, a lot of arenas have Papa Johns,
  4. isnt the max rookie salary for next year $925,000? and arent they required to sign a 3 year entry level deal?
  5. what they really need to invest in is an app like the penguins have. launch the app while youre in the arena at the game, and have instant access to replays of important plays with multiple camera angles. we all know how terrible they are at showing replays at the rock.
  6. just after midnight
  7. entered last word yet
  8. got em today.
  9. nothing again today... lame.
  10. one thing i haven't seen anyone point out is the sheer amount of penalties he draws. his speed, puck control, and positioning all lead to this. looking into it more, hes 7th in the league for drawn penalties related to time on the ice. if he gains some confidence and becomes a bit stronger, he will be a great player.
  11. which carrier did they come by?
  12. nothing yet, 131.
  13. I have an extra 1995 and 2003 championship poster but won't be able to make it to the game against Dallas this week. If anyone comes up with an extra and needs one of em, I would love to trade.
  14. no HD tonight. cant tell me more people are going to watch islanders/bruins.