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  1. I used to live in NJ, now I live in LA. I watched this guy's first NHL game with the Kings towards the end of last season. VERY impressive. He had two goals if I remember correctly, and could have easily had four. He's the kinda guy that's all over the ice and plays with a lot of energy. This could be a great addition to the team.
  2. Sorry, Joel Quenville is the biggest hack - he coached St Louis to complete mediocrity and every season that team underachieved more and more til they finally didn't make the playoffs. Then they dumped him, and then Colorado (a team that should have made the playoffs) didn't either.
  3. Hahaha.... I would say yes, - plus twice as freaky bc Billy Ray is on Melrose's mullet list! And I quote: "It would be better if he had a black eye. Don't think Billy Ray has ever had a black eye." Got a 4 out of 5 though. I also like the Michael Keaton one: "You can tell he's been to a hairdresser, and that's not hockey." Love it.
  4. Ahh, the hilarity.
  5. Scott Burnside is a fool too. It's real hard to read most of those guys on E$PN.... Buccigross is cool though.