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  1. It's settled, I'm going to Nashville.
  2. Now I can do something with the old Parise jersey I have. I'm not really salty about Zach anymore, but I'm not rooting for MIN in the west either. At least I'll have a jersey to wear again.
  3. Wasn't a big fan just cause I remember his hit on Stevens while he was a predator. He wasn't awful here but I'd definitely rather see a young buck in his place in the lineup.
  4. I liked Schlemko. Lame.
  5. I'll probably end up changing my opinion, I am just a Larsson fan and was happy to see him finally showing he could handle things with Pete gone. I've never been huge on Hall but I guess that's going to change.
  6. Not a fan of this one at all. Hall is good but Larsson was looking more and more like he was growing into exactly the player we thought he could be. This one stings.
  7. Holy shiiiiii Zacha. Plz Moar.
  8. Get rekt Bs
  9. Nice shot
  10. Lol omg fvck my life on that one. I hate that doucher.
  11. So lame...no hope now.
  12. OHH WHAT A SAVE(in before they score anyway lol)
  13. No contact sport. lel
  14. LGD, plz don't make me have to go on Carolina hate rant.