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  1. Bonk's slapshot was so meh tho.
  2. They all annoy me anymore. That's my official position. So, who do I get to get in an argument with?
  3. LOL! NYR wants every year's major free agent or possible blockbuster trade candidate.
  4. Duh, everyone wants to be a Rag. Even if they don't realize it yet.
  5. ? = Miles (James Franco) Wood? If so, then this is good. Would like someone centering that isn't Coleman though, maybe Quinville?
  6. I hate that the Flyers will take whoever NJ doesn't, but I was worried about their last top 5 pick or whatever too and Couturier didn't pan out into anything too special. I'm hoping whoever ends up in Philadelphia is a "Simon Gagne" max. God forbid they get another Giroux.
  7. NJ has always been able to school prospects and new players to be responsible defensively, sometimes at the detriment to their offensive game. Nico is a skilled player, he can learn whatever system is in place and doesn't have the injuries. He also won't lose the great hands he has around the net to be responsible defensively. I guess I'm in the minority who leans toward rather having Nico.
  8. Plz just just send him anywhere. Send him to Iceland to scout the 3 players they have.
  9. I've been a fan of the young guys in EDM for a while and Eberle/Gagne were always some fun guys to watch. They were just kind of "streaky". With Hall here i would think it is possible and certainly wouldn't mind having him at a reasonable price. Any B- player paired with Hall is bumped up at least a half letter grade I would think.
  10. My bad, disregard.
  11. I'm at work in a meeting so I can't check, but didn't Dallas trade their 3rd overall for Ben Bishop? Kory was looking at LA last time around, I would take a 3rd overall for him.
  12. Funny how most people here didn't even think Ottawa could make it a series let alone win. The power of having an all-star player on your team.
  13. C'mon closeup of Hank crying plzzz.
  15. Been saying "fvck the rags" under my breath for the last 10 mins non-stop hoping it brings Ottawa luck.