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  1. What a dog sh!t end of the game.
  2. The Wood Blandisi line is just great. Sorry Cammy, wish Bennett was in.
  3. WOW this is fun to watch!
  4. There's a chance! WAKE UP FOLKS!
  5. Surprised the refs called it. It was way too obvious, they should have probably called an optical illusion.
  6. REALLY? Too many men?? This is the epic lame of lameness that is the New Jersey Devils.... EDIT: Jesus Christ Karlsson...
  7. Ott is blocking a ton of NJ point shots tonight.
  8. They're getting so many chances, JUST PUT ONE IN FOR TIT'S SAKE!
  9. Moore I get, Bennett I do not. I thought he had a good game against the Islanders. EDIT: LGD.
  10. Getting any fairly young halfway gifted forward to play with Hall and Zacha would be awesome. I wouldn't want to lose Zajac to do that, he showed last night just how valuable he is on those PKs, but Rico on the other hand.... for a package for someone like Alex Galchenyuk or some similar player(Eberle/Duchene) I wouldn't be upset about. I'm not sure what else you would have to add, Rico+Parenteau/Cammy/pick? or no players and throw in the pick and Rico...I'm bad at these things, don't hate.
  11. When they score 4 and dont win you know some sh!tty sh!t went down...
  12. Oh that was nice Yayo.
  13. Bad looks Taylor.
  15. Someone made Miles Wood bleed...an Islander must now bleed in return....