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  1. This is incredible. How could anyone not agree with this? +100000 likes. It's fvcking exhausting watching the rags get opportunity after opportunity because of great players having boners for NYC. Thank god they have a front office that operates like as if they sniff glue all day or we might have to actually see them do well in the playoffs more often. I hope with every fiber of my being he just goes to Pittsburgh or Washington or anywhere else. Also,I'm happy to say, for the first time ever in my life I am jumping ship on a sports team (Yankees) and no longer like a single NY sports team.
  2. That was the closest thing to playoff excitement we'll get this year.
  3. This is fvcking depressing.
  4. I would have rather just won but it almost seems fitting for both teams to get 1 point Also, this overtime might give me a heart attack. I'm not kidding, I could die.
  5. I wouldn't get ahead of myself. Bennett at least gets the shot off and everything. I'm confident he will find the net at some point. The hardest part is getting the scoring chances and he has that down more than Yayo.
  6. Noesen is awesome though.
  7. This game did a 180.
  8. Really this^. The kid is only 19, who the F was Henrick Zetterberg at 19? A 7th rnd pick no one. Now hes married to Emma Andersson. I rest my case.
  9. Feeling the momentum shift here and they didn't manage to score anything while they had it going...ugh.
  10. I'd like to see Wood with Hall.
  11. Lol ^ It's not like the Devils haven't completely outplayed them or have had a decent number of scoring chances at all right? It's harder when you don't have anyone to play with. Zajac has been getting a ton of chances of the last 4-5 games. This team hasn't been a scoring threat since Kovy left. He had like 83 pts his last season in NJ.
  12. This is so typical NJD I almost can't even stand it...
  13. Thanks! I finally found that one myself a couple before you sent it. Sometimes they mess the links up on the reddit streams.
  14. This has been NJ's typical luck lately. Come the F on...
  15. Yea I noticed. I just don't like their voices. I found a Devils feed but its way behind and looks like its being streamed from a potato.