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  1. When they score 4 and dont win you know some sh!tty sh!t went down...
  2. Oh that was nice Yayo.
  3. Bad looks Taylor.
  5. Someone made Miles Wood bleed...an Islander must now bleed in return....
  6. They got time....they got some time. It's doable...
  8. Ladd is scoring on like every shot lately.
  9. That was weak. This whole thing is weak.
  10. Is it just me, or has Steve mixed up NJ and NYI like 3 times tonight?
  11. Ugh, really?
  12. Tends to happen when you go from playing with 2 all star linemates to playing with slightly above average linemates. To be fair though, this is a very off season if you look at his career numbers. At least he has Karlsson there though, and that guy is incredible.
  13. Why trade for a guy they could have picked up off waivers?
  14. He had like 3 good chances to score last night early on and couldn't manage. I liked him at first too, he brought some size up front. He just hasn't been able to do much good sadly.
  15. Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....We all knew that was coming.