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  1. Goaltenter Oops moments

    I still believe that moment is what cost Marty the Conn Smythe that year
  2. Tortorella Goes Wild Again

    All I see is a guy whining about a team and an organization he dislikes. Yes, the Orpik his is questionable. At certain angles it looks like a hit gone wrong because of the juke that Stepan put on Orpik at the end and from other angles it looks a little dirty. Whine about the hit, that's fine, no need to go the extra length and bring Malkin and Crosby into it, who had nothing to do with it. Drop some F bombs and throw the other team/organization as a whole under the bus. Anything to take away focus from the mediocre at best Rangers getting their butts handed to them by the Penguins..AGAIN..
  3. Cangialosi wins two NY Emmy awards

    Thank you... Beginning to think I was the only one who thought this
  4. Cangialosi wins two NY Emmy awards

    HOW???? I still think this guy is awful. The one thing I've hated this season has been announcing for the Devils....
  5. Who replaces Sutter? (If he leaves)

    paging Kevin Constantine....
  6. would you welcome shanahan?

    Nope...It's sad that a 600+ goal scorer is practically begging a team to let him play but honestly, im not interested in him.
  7. Looking for a goalie for a beginner team for a roller hockey league in Morristown..... Not sure this is the right place to post but hoping someone out there is interested.
  8. Devils Broadcasts

    well that just sucks... I hate how Cablevision has a hold on everyone....Guess I just have to play the waiting game.
  9. Devils Broadcasts

    I just bought an HDTV and I was wondering if anyone on here has FIOS and knows whether or not I can get the Devil games in HD???
  10. Rafalski's Numbers

    Statistically Rafalski was decent but there is more to it than that, especially when you are talking your #1 D-man....
  11. Loved how during the shootout last night, Chico was going on about Gionta's success in shootouts and Doc had to point out the Gionta would probably not be participating.
  12. Some Math On the East Playoff Race

    Its going to be a tight one, thats for sure. I just wouldnt really be thrilled if NY ended up in 7th
  13. GDT: April 3rd, Ottawa at New Jersey, 7:30 PM

    It would be the first time in history both finalists miss the playoffs the next season
  14. Claude Julien fired as head coach

    confirmed on Newjerseydevils.com
  15. GDT: Carolina @ Devils, 1:00 PM

    maybe marty had to shovel his car out of the snow this morning and completly wore himself out!!