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  1. He wasn't traded to Philly.
  2. Montreal = 2003 Wild. Hopefully that means the winner of the west = 2003 Devils
  3. They probably know that Lou hates it when his moves are mentioned in the media and are spreading it to guarantee Lou doesn't do it.
  4. Could someone please convince Š„klund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) to make an update stating "The Devils are 100% guaranteed to NOT be trading either Rolston, Oduya, or Pandolfo."
  5. Instead of porn, Lou probably just closes his eyes and visualizes the words "status quo" bouncing around
  6. Hopefully Lou will ship Pando to Calgary so Sutter will be able to employ the "Pandolfo as LW of all 4 lines" strategy he probably would've used for the last month of the season and playoffs if he had stayed our coach
  7. The morning after Sutter is officially named coach of the Flames, he'll wake up and find the head of his favorite farm animal in his bed. Don't mess with Lou Unfortunately that may put a damper on Lou's search to find a new coach...
  8. Hopefully Brent convinces Darryl to trade for Pandolfo and Madden signs with them so their fans can experience the joys of line matching too.
  9. Yep. Thanks to Boston we're one step closing to seeing Lou hand out 50-year contract extensions and full no-movement clauses to the entire roster.
  10. They've mastered the whole pre-trade deadline "Look Lou! We're good enough to win the cup! Please don't make any trades", post-trade deadline "Psyche!!" thing. I wonder how long before Sutter receives a couple of sympathy kegs of 100% pure alcohol from Robinson and Julien, if he hasn't already.
  11. Got to love how he mentions Barry Melrose saying the same thing as if Melrose's word is law. Best laugh I've had in a while.
  12. Yep. I wouldn't be surprised if Lou is deliberately stalling out the negotiations so that he has an excuse for not signing anyone else tomorrow.