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  1. Analyzing Rangers Playoff Hopes

    Anyone else notice that Holik did the same knock over the goalie trick on Vokoun? Gosh, he really is feeling good these days, getting to know new people and all.
  2. Chico

    I've had to shield myself from disappointment by not watching their games of late. However, Nabby's sinking stats in my fantasy league keep kicking me. These guys are just not going to make it this year. They should let go and make themselves happy with a nice high draft pick.
  3. Chico

    Give him a break on the San Jose game! The Sharks weren't even broadcasting the game, so somebody had to pull for them.
  4. Hawks Investigating Fleury, Bar Incident

    I think maybe you left out some smilies there, since the "gentleman's club" is elsewhere referred to by the more common name, strip club. But I'm not good with smilies. I don't think anything good, PR wise, ever happens for pro athletes at strip clubs either.
  5. Analyzing Rangers Playoff Hopes

    I'm not sure PK, on the severity of the vomit. The article just stated: "Lindros even, according to several eyewitnesses, tossed his cookies on Shawn Bates during the game - talk about intimidation." And unfortunately I didn't see a replay of it. I've gotta tell you though, I really enjoyed watching this game. It's funny to hear all the commentators talking about how it's turning into Bobby's team. And it pretty much is. If Rangers make the play-offs this year, they'll make Holik captain when Messier retires. That's my prediction anyway. Did anyone envision a season for Holik where he sat out most of the first half, and then came back to center the first line while bumping Lindros to his wing??? Weird stuff.
  6. Analyzing Rangers Playoff Hopes

    You're right, it's a lot about goal-tending, but mostly about defense. If the Rangers can hold focus and not slip into that run and gun game (which only seems to ever work for Detroit) then they've got a shot. And well, it depends on how many Eastern Conference rivals' goaltenders Holik can take out with the sliding home trick. Also, apparently Lindros is trying out a new intimidation technique. It's reported that he vomited on an opponent last night. Should the Devs try that one too? It's probably effective at getting a little skating room.
  7. Division Wins Worth Four Points?

    Do people really want to see more of the same teams? I don't. You get a far less complete picture of how your team stacks up against the rest of the league, and you get lopsided divisional games between teams. For instance, is it really fair if ANYONE gets to play Nashville 7 times a year and get points for it? Meanwhile someone else has to play Ottawa 7 times? You don't get the best 8 at the end of the season that way.
  8. Rangers Throwing In The Towel?

    I was a little bit scared Bobby was going to score a hat trick and they would through his bobble heads all over the ice.
  9. Why Can't We All Love Marth Stewart?

    Hey, I could be Martha Stewart. All I need is a STAFF. You know, the guys who step into the kitchen between shots and clean the dishes, wipe the counters, trim the hedges, rake the walkways, vacuum the furniture.
  10. Who Is Todd Harvey

    I just read an article about Wilson's first practice. He had them playing guessing games and fining people for mentioning "the old way". A "fun and upbeat introduction" they said. I know this is California and all, but Lombardi and the new ownership are heading into the can this year.
  11. Wow

    The thing with the ESPN announcers... earlier in the game there was a very similar penalty on a not so break-away break-away, and of course no penalty shot was called. The guys calling the game were screaming for a penalty shot on that one and said something to the effect that they'd like to see about five penalty shots a game, laughing it up. It was annoying then. When the PS was actually called, they did a really brief replay, where it clearly showed it was NOT a good call, and had nothing to say but, "there's the hook" or some such thing. It was irritating. And of course they switch Center Ice off immediately, but there didn't seem to be any post-game of any kind anyway.
  12. Shelley Suspended

    Maybe you underestimate the depth of their suckage this season. But you're probably right. Especially playing a first game for the new coach. At least I'm hoping they'll pull out a good game instead of crumbling. I think it's 50/50.
  13. Who Is Todd Harvey

    Hey, I said they wanted Danton, I didn't say they were stupid. Although with the coaching change, you can draw your own conclusions. Still Ricci's too much of a homer favorite to go for nothing. And well, that's just about what I think Danton is worth.
  14. Shelley Suspended

    That's good news for San Jose tomorrow too.
  15. Wow

    Is it just me? Or was that a ridiculous call on the OT penalty shot? Annoying announcers calling for a P.S. all night, and oops, here's a big call in the final 36 seconds of OT. Regardless what you think of the teams, having an official decide a game like that pretty much sucks. That really was a game meant to end in a tie based on the play and all. Looks like Holik is over his depressing injury thing though, eh?