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    Hockey(Devils and Maple leafs),video games,and girls =P
  1. False sens will be last in their conference this season
  2. fat Lip - sum 41
  3. False Next poster is bored out of his mind
  4. Stay on topic You guys have any other videos you can share?
  5. False Next user just ordered pizza
  6. Yung Joc - It's Goin Down
  7. false?? The next user was watching a devils video
  8. Post different videos here. The more I watch them the more they get me pumped up for the new season to start Check them out!!
  9. Green Day - When september ends
  10. Nickel Back - Far away
  11. That's interesting... I don't know what he's done wrong though.
  12. It 100% suree he will be captain who else would I dont see why you shoudnt.
  13. False Next poster is on his way outside
  14. James Blunt - Goodbye my lover
  15. Outburn?