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  2. I got my yard sign today! yippie!
  3. Did anyone in Ocean County get one? I wonder if they're going to come down this far?
  4. FIOS channel 578 is MSG and 580 is MSG+ woooooo hooooooo Finally Devils games in HD!! Except when they're on MSG+2
  5. I won 2 tickets to opening night. I was told I won via e-mail. Then I got called once a week from a sales rep. I saw the call was from Newark, NJ and just didn't answer. He finally gave up.
  6. 3,8,9,13 play those numbers baby. Those were the winning numbers in the NHL lottery.
  7. Follwing now! waaaah I lost the twitter contest!!!
  8. It might be a sped up version with a lot of commentary??? It's an hr and a half, so.....
  9. program alert- Relive the Magic 2000 Stanley Cup tonight 8-9:30 NHL Network. set your DVR's
  10. not sure... but he had a real nasty look on his face
  11. I think it would go.... "like I said, I got a little lucky"
  12. "like I said" is the one phrase a lot of players say all the time. Scott Gomez says it after every question asked. Soooooooo annoying
  13. I think you should go to a hockey game and just sit there and watch. Only chant "let's go Devils". Don't taunt anyone. Especially Sidney Crosby. We should cheer him because he is such a great player that has done so much to help our team. Make sure he feels comfortable in our barn. He isn't the star player on the team we're trying to beat or anything. Remember hockey is serious business. I don't think anyone will boo John Madden. He was a warrior for this team.
  14. I live in Toms River. I drive to Metropark. Just drive up the parkway. No turnpike, no parking, no long ass train ride.
  15. I got PL3 and Zubrus