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  1. I guess I just dont understand Burn's point in constantly shifting lines, especially when the lines are producing. Maybe it is just the way I was brought up on hockey, and that is the same line being used, so long as they produce giving both team and fans a sense of consistency. Don't get me wrong, Burn's way is working. But come on, Elias has skated with every forward on the team so far this season, or so it seems. At the beginning of the season, his first session with Gomez there was production, but he pulled them apart, later tries again, some production, then pulls them apart AGAIN??????????? And I dont think one can even use the logic that the checking line was a mess and needed tinkered with. And Elias not on the ice for the pp, that is just wrong, that is Elias' JOB, that is like pulling Marty for the pk?!?!?!?!?
  2. I want all of those and 8. Brian Rolston 9. Steve Sullivan 10. Willie Mitchell oh in reality it would be a toss up Modano or Samsonov
  3. the one thing that aggravates me most is when "fans" trash a player or the team just cause they are in a slump
  4. I have a feeling Gomez and Gionta if given a chance could have some real chemistry.....similar to the Elias/Sykora connection that tooks months of yelling at the tv to convince coach to even try it
  5. Bobby Holik as captain-- problem #1 he will blame everyone else on the team for EVERYTHING and nothing on himself and he went to a team of former captains--after Leetch there is still Lindros and Bure to contend with
  6. the funny part of Lindros getting the #1 star from ESPN is that he wasn't even voted the #1 star of the game by the media----he was #2 and it was 4 minutes of 5-3 so one of the overpaid loser should have scored!!!!
  7. I am not sure too much "blame" should be put on the coaching staff, they can only do so much with only so much talent, and chemistry, and class. Time will tell on Carp as a coach. But he had great assistance that were born to be coaches.