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  1. I wasn't complaining. I was saying the nonh-waivers is better I just went on 1 minute too late (i logge din at 2:54 ) The waiver rule is garbage and i'm glad this league doesnt have it
  2. I find this way more fair. Charles went down at 2:53 pm EST, he was gone in all of my leagues by 2:54 pm. At least you HAVE a chance to get guys when something like that happens whereas with waivers if you arent #1 priority you wont get the handcuff ever.
  3. I'm just REALLY glad I played Dr LAST week and not this week, putting up THIS many points and losing would have made me put a hole in my wall probably. my score and Drs score might be the two highest scores i've personally seen in this league ever.
  4. I got a B for my draft but I'm projected to go 10-2 lol. I'm doomed
  5. everyone mgiht as well log off for the night you know Crasher is going to troll and pick at 11 am tomorrow
  6. the more I look at the draft the more I realize my team is horrible. I actually think I drafted better for MJ then myself
  7. I left my picks and MJs with Crasher/Value, since I don't wake up until 2 pm est.
  8. MJ Takes Stephen Gostkowski, K, NE
  9. MJ Takes Derek Carr, QB, Oak
  10. I'd be surprised if more than 3 people understood that joke
  11. He's writing a bardic tune
  12. he's already listed on IR
  13. Devante Parker, WR, Miami And for my looking-foward-to-next-year pick Jordy Nelson, WR, GB
  14. MJ Takes Reggie Bush, RB, SF
  15. Scott was supposed to call clown hours ago but I guess that Scott got caught up in holiday weekend stuff so