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  1. Well, that was a smack in the face to say the least, but in retrospect not very surprising. Sweden never really played that well in the earlier games, and really lived on the PP. And when it didn
  2. http://www.expressen.se/expressen/jsp/polo...p?d=751&a=68831 Albelin has not yet signed a contract, but is negotiating according to himself. "Det borde l
  3. It looks like war is coming very soon now... My hopes goes to the troops and civilians in the Gulf...Saddam has no way out, there
  4. Feeling a little edgy today are we GetReal? You said Brodeur hadn
  5. Get real GetReal, what more must Marty do for you? A shot-out each and every game? The only statistic that counts are WINS, and 4/5 are pretty good.