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  1. Are we the new Flyers?

    I daresay over the course of the season, every team will lose 3 out of 4 games at one point. Every game so far has been away, it's only the start of the season and remember, it's a marathon not a sprint.

    NJDevs.com: Hoem of rEd's ipmecacble splelign adn grammer! First thing I ever saw on this website!
  3. GDT 12/17/06: DEVILS @ RANGERS 7PM ET

    Wont be easy, either they'll bounce straight back from their 9-2 or roll over. Preferably the latter!
  4. Top 3 Despots

    Hitler Stalin Mao Hitler top because he single handedly changed Germany from a free democratic country into a dictatorship that very nearly succeeded in taking over Europe, and imho he would have had he not decided to invade Russia. The fact that he managed to brainwash an entire nationand turn Germany from an economic failure into a world powerhouse. A truely evil man, more worryingly a brilliant leader.
  5. Marty=NHL MVP So Far?

    Or even Jagr
  6. Bad news for online streaming

    They could have used it as a promotional tool. Any Hockey coverage in UK is rubbish, there's NHL every Wednesday night on 5 that tends to favour Western Conference games (schedule inc this coming Wednesday and previous weeks Stars and Blackhawks, Stars and Coyotes, Thrashers and Ducks and on Wednesday it'll be Colorado and Oilers.) and that's at 1.25 AM! And I believe you can only get Center Ice in USA/Canada so for people living in the likes of the UK there is absolutly no coverage and imho a definate market to be exploited. The fact is as well if I hadn't picked up NHL 2001 for the PS2 for
  7. GDT 12/16/06: Red Wings @ Devils 1pm ET

    And the Penguins 5-2 down @ Montreal. Sounds like a dreary game (Devils), unfortunatly was in Nottingham so I had to miss it
  8. Marty=NHL MVP So Far?

    Agree Crosby will prob end up with it
  9. I want to apologize to everyone

    And some of us are in England
  10. Hello There!

  11. Hello There!

    Until you gotta be up 3 hours later (sometimes) Cheers for the welcome lads/ ladies! englishnesses - brilliant word!
  12. Hello There!

    Hello, my names Francis, from London. Followed the Devils since playing NHL2001 on the PS2 (got me into Hockey, great game! ) and randomly picked New Jersey Devils. Followed the Devils after that and also went to my local side the London Racers and started supporting them before the Ice Rink in Lea Valley was deemed unfit after the glass splinterd as oposed to shatterd when the puck hit it withdrew from the League and are basically no more. Since then I've really ended up getting into the Devils and sadly enough! have been staying up recently till 3AM listening to the games on www.nhl.com. So, howdy!