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  1. GDT: Devils at Ottawa, 3:00 PM

  2. GDT: Atlanta Thrashers @ Devils 7:30 pm ET

    . Devils to play better than the Shorthanded goals.
  3. GDT: Atlanta Thrashers @ Devils 7:30 pm ET

    . Damn Gionta misse's.. Trashers win.
  4. GDT: Atlanta Thrashers @ Devils 7:30 pm ET

    Scores.. Lethonen save... DAMN!
  5. GDT: Atlanta Thrashers @ Devils 7:30 pm ET

  6. GDT: Atlanta Thrashers @ Devils 7:30 pm ET

    L'exgo devils! Win this one..
  7. Game thread: Devils @ Boston 7PM

    17-11-1-2. Not bad. Remember last year start season? Its only 2streak looses.. Vs buffalo that was sure(Mb not.) and against Boston, Clem played pretty good But, don't expect the defense to stop every attack.. Don't forget , Devils losted Stevens/Nieds/Daneyko in 3years.. As the season go ahead, I expect the chance to the devils to win the Atlantic divison title+ may be the Second place. I just look at our Divison: We have the Best goalie.The best defense, and the weakest attack.. But as the season go, i would see this attack growing. Philadelphie(Ersh, they won't make playoffs this year) Rangers(Attack is good, but at defense..) Pittsburgh(Lots of rookies.) Islanders(Well...) AHHHH Canadiens won tonitgh.. ADADADASDASDSA(bro and Father will say: HA THE CANADIENS WON TONIGTH! dEVILS LOST!
  8. Devs Vs Wings SOLD OUT!?!

    Im with you
  9. Bob Gainey's daughter missing after going overboard

    Eh... Sry for you Gainey and to your family.I read an arcticle from Rejean Tremblay(La Presse-Montreal) He talks about, how your parents love you and more things... Eh, that's not easy for you gainey, After losing your wife..(in 1995 because of a Cancer.) Best luck to you...
  10. 12/6/06 GAME DAY: Habs vs Devils

    Im from Montreal, And i can say that the Media/110% Tqs show of Montreal, always exagarate the situation. They always need a excuse for the defeat for their Habs. Now, Souray will be hated by the fans, Bc of his 2errors that cost 2goals. Brodeur said tow www.rds.ca , he would never play for the Canadiens, cause there is to much pressure of medias/fans. Ur playing 1bad game, They will hate you. Some times, its getting tired for me, to live with that. Any wayz, the new hockey is: Getting back from 1-3goals? The devils just did that!. At least, the newPapers La Presse got some Great reporters from montreal.
  11. 12/6/06 GAME DAY: Habs vs Devils

    1-0 habs. PLz devils win this one!(Father and Bro are Pro-Ch fan.)
  12. Spectors Trade Rumors 12/02/06

    Actually, Souray have a good shot on Powerplay, have not bad skills on attack.. But when he plays on defense, Ouch! He's terrible.. He does mistakes that cost some games(Vs Flyers last Saturday, he did a pass just in the front of Huet.. Gagn
  13. Game Day Thread Devils @ Flyers 7:30pm

    Great wiN!
  14. Devils vs. Montreal Canadiens

    Go Devils GO! Plz Devils win this game vs Habs.. I hates the Canadiens.. Win this game!
  15. GDT: Devils vs. Islanders 7:30pm

    Who are the devils? Where's my Defensive team? I mean look, the devils always have a slow starts.. After , they go ahead..Also, their division isnt a great one.. Its the worst one. Devils need what? A second defensemen. The return of Scott Gomez .. We could win vs Habs if Gomez is there and we need to play intelligent and defensive.. Then we could go to : 7-5-1. And after we can gain wins.. A win vs Habs would help a lot Nj. Devils for ever, Even if they loose... GO DEVILS GO! PLZ BEAT THE HABS! I JUST HATE SO MUCH THE HABS! I migth see Devils-Habs 15january.. But god, plz beat the habs!