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  1. Considering that a good portion don't have round 15 picks it should be easy
  2. The outlaw, Jesse James, TE from the dreaded Steelers
  3. Vance McDonald, TE, SF
  4. The other Baltimore Justin. Justin Tucker, K, Balt
  5. There was a reason we didn't play him. Once he is re-signed --probably on Tuesday, --he will be our starting RB again.
  6. William Fuller, WR, HOU
  7. This is a sneaky pick. Flacco LOVES the addition of Wallace and they workout together.
  8. Wow, this is interesting. So essentially the Eagles are "taking a knee" for the 2016 season.
  9. There is a reason Forsett didn't play much in the pre-season. I was hoping with crappy weather we would finish up this weekend.
  10. MantaBlock!!!! Justin Forsett, RB, BAL ....oh wait.
  11. Incest is best?
  12. Did you mean "gourmet", Mr. Tannenbaum?
  13. Now we are cooking again!!!