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  1. Congrats RSC.       
  2. Riding on Matt Hasselback against Has!!!!
  3. Andy Greene's Linemate

    Larsson was paired with Gelinas under DeBoer. I would make the case that Larsson elevates Greene. He has played his best hockey being paired with Larsson.
  4. 2015 New York Red Bulls

     I love the Red Bulls but haven't had time to go to a game yet.  Maybe the playoffs this Saturday
  5. It's been a weird year.
  6. Larrson is developing into a future #1 Defensemen, that's why Columbus wants him.     This is a terrible trade for NJ.  
  7.   Thanks to Eli for losing my week.
  8. Wow, CJ Spiller is terrible
  9. 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

    wow.  Tannehill is an ass.   No wonder he sucks he can't even beat the scout team
  10. I hate ESPN New York Radio fantasy "info"
  11. I have never been "blocked" from Tucker
  12. How about those Ravens!!!   Odin be praised for Justin Tucker!
  13. My IT department blocks access to Fantasy sports url's,   So thanks for putting this in the title.
  14. Did we establish a firm Date for this?
  15. Not a good week to play against Aaron Rodgers in both my leagues