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  1.|NJD|home Pretty happy !!!
  2. I was there tonight ! Awesome game !!!!
  3. Did that really happen.... holly cow. Worst roller coaster of emotion I had in a long time. I'm shocked.
  4. GO GO GO
  5. I didn't really watch the Devils last year due to a lack of time.
  6. A simple question for all of you. I don't really know Kinkaid and never really saw him play. Is he a good goaltender ? Is he the best we have as backup ? For the few times I saw hime play he doesn't look very good. Thanks for your answers
  7. Really..... worst defense play ever
  8. What a great OT from the Captain !!! First win baby
  9. First in the league standing baby !!!!!!
  10. Remember the 2010-2011 season when we had a really bad season and then the team started to stack up wins like they were crazy. The "One game at a time" statement. I made a video a this time to get us motivated on the board. I'll let you enjoy this one more time. I think a playoff spot is possible this year if they find back what they did in 2010-2011. edit: There seems to be a problem with the video not showing the correctly and it drives me nut... oh well. I'll try to post it back later... sorry
  11. ... ? I just copied pasted the title of the article word for word
  12. Just posted an article in Hell about it
  14. Go Devils !!!! Also fvck Montreal. Enough said.
  15. Hahaha love Lundqvist's reaction