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  1. She's a really nice girl who isn't a bad hockey player either. I am sure she is excited to take on this next job and if you know anything about working for professional sports it is often best to work for a team that ins't your favorite because the day to day can sour you very much on the team. I highly doubt her Philthadelphia background will taint her capabilities to do the job. It's also nice to see a person that works hard get to a spot like this. Is it October yet?
  2. Gionta 2.0
  3. I never hear of RFA's being pursued, but I think it should be explored. Yes, I know you have to give up some picks to do so, but depending on what the next few drafts are, it could make sense to poach a guy that has some track record and is fairly young. The draft is such a crap shoot and with some teams up against it could be a way to get a few players that could help turn the team around.
  4. Isn't that site just basically fans doing the writing?
  5. I think the waiver issue and trading is if he is on the active roster for less than 30 days. I don't know if that is right, but for some reason that rattling around in my head.
  6. I liked Severson form the start. Just like any other young D man, they just need a bunch of games before you can really see what you have. Now, I do think he needs better defensive vision in his end end, more head on a swivel type awareness. I would also like to see him to increase his physical play a tad. The coaches should let him carry the puck more or give him more of a green light to jump in. On a team that struggles offensively, you need that help. It kind of reminds me the Cup Run year, I spoke to Parise and he said that the lack of support out the back was really hurting there O. Surely, enough, a few weeks later, the D was (buzz word alert) activating more often and they became a much harder team to play against.
  7. Not even looking at the name on the jersey on that play. To stay in the league and thrive you go 4 for 4 on most nights. I thought I read that coaches generally consider 300 games for an NHL D man to settle in.
  8. Now Merrill was in a less than ideal situation, BUT he was playing a 2 on 1 with the puck carrier on the left wing as a left shot. He should have just played the pass and not tried to be so aggressive. Chances are the game end ends there anyway with the likes of McDavid, but that was poorly played for sure.
  9. I thought it was part of the CBA- you can't sit out until the spring and jump on a team. I thought that the date to be signed to play this season was 12/31.
  10. Not sure, where to post this...no chatter on Patty and his plans? He has to sign with someone by the 31st, correct?
  11. With a team lacking true shooters, Cam will stay in the lineup and Hynes will continue to trot him out there and rightfully so as long as he plays a 200 foot game. He's a streaky player, let's hope he gets it going.
  12. Besides having no time, I gave up my season tickets because I couldn't take being around the idiots 30+ times a season.
  13. Never got the code anyway I tried it...I guess that is my punishment for trying to spread the wealth. I would have loved Opening night tickets.
  14. I tried using the form through the link and I still get nothing. Oh well, if anyone has an extra code that please let me know.
  15. No problem on the sharing. Nice to see them try and leverage the dead seats they have most nights. You downloaded the app directly on the phone and not through google Play or Apple Store, correct? I do not get prompted to open a browser at all. i have tried uninstalling both the NJD and NHL app to no avail. If anyone has directions on the thing to get this done, please post it. I feel like there may be something I(or they) are overlooking in the instructions.