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  1. My buddy from EDM hit me up about 20 minutes before this broke and I told he was full of sh!te. Great trade. All day everyday. Brilliant. I think that the draft might have made this possible.
  2. Craziest thought ever: Wait for it... Savard comes back to play with Kovalchuk.
  3. I see Tao and raise you...
  4. Maybe Clarkie has a job post retirement. That would be entertaining.
  5. This is all going exactly as planned. His return was as certain as him leaving.
  6. Pretty sure Gudas spit on Farnham during that scrum with 2:00 to go in the 3rd. Farnham was down on the ice pinned and Gudas fired a loogie right on him.
  7. A good lesson on life, corporate suits dictating what happens to those that make them the money. Good for Scott, because i am sure he could of killed it and stayed in Arizona. And for anyone doubting his skill, Scott would walk all over your rink's resident could of been pro has been. If anything, I will watch some now and I haven't watched in years.
  8. Wrist injuries are devastating to a hockey player.
  9. Cue up game winning goal against us, then retirement.
  10. The 2 line pass was still in play.
  11. The game is fine, leave it as it is.
  12. Agreed. I'd say the Johnny Mac campaign was the last of it being pretty hostile.
  13. Mark Arcobello on waivers. I'd pick him up.
  14. He diesn't skate anywhere near good enough to play F. His stick is way too long to handle the puck like a forward.
  15. Nice. But how is this goalie in the league? Looks slow and scared all night.