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  1. 2016 Draft

    Picking @ 11 is nothing to sneeze at. Still could get someone only a year or two away from being NHL ready. CD, I think the Oilers will take a d man @ #4. also, another team (12-14 pick) might "really" want to move up (like the Bruins') and fork over someone that could step in.
  2. Possible "Palmieri-esque" trades for the offseason

    Aren't they close to cap ceiling? Wouldn't they need to unload quite a few to make room. Who's going to take Lupul's contract, etc.
  3. Possible "Palmieri-esque" trades for the offseason

    which teams are closest to cap hell having to give raises.
  4. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    Proud of the boys. We do have a few guys with NHL experience. Marlies will be a tough out for sure. I'll bet Lou/Shero will be a game or two. Ever wonder if Toronto would like to have Sedin 2.0 (both Nylander brothers together) Unless of course they get #1
  5. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    After watching 1st 10 minutes, I though Rangers would bein there. Lundquist should've been replaced earlier. After Pen's 5th goal, the Ranger bench was done. You could see it. Pens are going to be a handful to next team. Murray looks really good. Leave the flower on the bench.
  6. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    I guess we can start: going to go out on a limb here; The Las Vegas...............................GAMBLERS!!
  7. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    They need use the players that got them there (the playoffs) In it to win it. Not the time to skate guys that just showed up.
  8. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Listening to Game day on XM, there was brief discussion on horrendous contracts. obviously these guys have been good in their careers so far, but: ever wonder if their GM would love someone to trade with Vorichek (sp)? 10 mil starting next year until 2024 8.2 cap hit annually "horrible year Rick Nash? not sure how long he's signed for Giroux? PK Subban, who else has a regrettable contract
  9. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    What a really crappy crop of UFA's this year. (less Okposo) Shero has to pull off another Palmieri type trade at the draft.
  10. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    I wonder which UFA's might be up for grabs.?
  11. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    This makes most sense for Patty, just like lou & Fla. did with Jagr. If he reaches milestones he gets paid more.
  12. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    I'd like to see a fourth line that is bigger/physical. Similar to Isles 4th line. There are a lot of players out there that'll fill that role
  13. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    PossibleI guess, butdoubt they see light of day after Boucher, Sislo, Blandisi Mozik etc. go back to Albany. Hopefully we go deep in Calder cup race.
  14. NJ Devils Rebrand

    I'd buy the T-shirt for sure
  15. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    Everyone here will echo that It's fun following prospects to see how they're panning out. Fiesty is appreciated.