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  1. GDT: Devils @ Senators, 7:30 PM

    What's refreshing to me is Hynes's being totally unafraid of putting out Nico, Bratt, Zacha in last 2 minutes of a game. This instills confidence! Most coaches tty to preserve what ground they've gained. (shorten the bench) No, they were trying to score to the last second. There were no stupid penalties tonight. My wife was in bed wondering why I hollered out (dammit i'm trying to get to sleep). This team is really a great surprise. in addition, Philly & Rag$ lost last night. life is good!
  2. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    guess I'll visit HF board to see "Sky is falling" Ranger fans chatter. Entertaining
  3. GDT: Devils @ Rangers 7:00 Garden

    I love the way Hynes handles lines. He constantly mixes them up (not necessarily to find chemistry) Jo, Zacha, & Hayes sucked, and didn't see a shift in 3rd, well deserved. this serves notice to team. I see a couple healthy scratches. To quote a famous youtube video Hynes: "I aint got tiem for that" KK said he was very amped for his 1st start, especially against the Rag$. Loved the way he put Nico out there in waning moments, while the Zacha line sat. Maybe that will provide motivation?
  4. Poor Blandisi

    I'm sure Blender/Q did what was asked, and were good, but Bratt was just a little better. They're both very young & will get called up relatively often. It's up to them to convince brass more beneficial in NJ than Bing. I feel for them as well. they were both better than Gibbons/Coleman, no?
  5. 2017 Training Camp thread

    They're looking for veteran D man in Colorado! Lovejoy for Duchene!
  6. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    He's a pretty political guy, guess i wouldn't be shocked to see him pop up somewhere in that genre. Maybe nothing to do with sports at all.
  7. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    I was surprised Hunter Shinkaruk (sp?) wasn't plucked off waivers from Calgary by someone. Former 1st rounder that was a good Jr. just won't translate into the pro's. Lou/Conte liked drafting role players (Matteau) happy to see Castron doesn't waste a pick on these types. There's always fringe 7-12 proven role players out there.
  8. GDT: 9/27/17 NJ Devils @ Washington - Preseason Finale

    It's going to be tough (for Hynesy/Shero) to send down a few of these guys. They would say, what do I have to do? I did what i was asked to do. Especially role players. i think Hayes will get a contract,(2 way unless he refuses) but be on a short leash. Staff is a pleasant surprise & can play anywhere in top 9. loved Will Butchers goal last night. Mueller played well too. well, off to bond at West Point!
  9. Fire & Ice Website

    I like AG's "reporting". Hope it continues
  10. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    Out of curiosity, who coached for us against Isles?
  11. GDT: 9/25/17 NJ Devils @ Senators @ PEI @ Hockeyville

    I agree. Fearless, very strong on puck
  12. GDT: 9/21/17 NJ Devils @ Les Habitants

    LGD. Love fw lines tonight, all 4!
  13. GDT: 9/18/17 Washington Capitals @ NJ Devils

    Get the Duck boats ready!
  14. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Although I am happy with what we've got to start the season, can't help to wonder if we'll pick up someone off waivers in a couple weeks? A team trying to avert $$$ (cap space) to the minors.
  15. GDT: 9/18/17 Washington Capitals @ NJ Devils

    Can we assume Cangy/Dano on the job ton night? LGD's