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  1. I'm OK with Matt & Sherry. She told the truth. When we succeed, we sucked & vice versa. I like Dano & Cangi as well. we haven't heard an thing about Asst coaches. are they staying?
  2. I wonder if Lou might have any interest in pursuing Kovy? I think they liked each other, and Kovy might be a needed veteran voice in the locker room. I really doubt Shero looking for another draft pick unless for '18. He'll want someone who can step in there play straight away. Am I the only one that has no interest in Eberle?
  3. Hynesy to Shero= I need a righty for draws! Welcome Nolan!
  4. I related this to John MacEnroe. He did this all the time when his head wasn't in the game completely. He would take out much of his frustration on officials, and himself. it's how he got himself on track. I do this as well playing tennis, but to myself.
  5. Let's get Kulikov signed first! :-)
  6. I'm sure Mr. Shero could have someone pick him up. we can keep an eye on him.
  7. was he drafted by a CHL team? If so where?
  8. Teams in a position to lose good players that might "benefit" from a trade: Columbus, Detroit, Minny, Nashville, and Rangers. Minny (D men especially) but like someone said, lose a D man, theres more where that came from.
  9. I think Shatty's going to July 1st. Players like him get one kick at the can. This is his. You are right, I'll bet a couple teams inquired about it today? I doubt Washington has in terest in Shattenkirk..
  10. Alzner has been paired for years with fleet footed Carlson. (good complimentary D partners) He is a stay @ home D man, good player, not sure worth the 4 mil price tag he's expected to garner. Not as bad as Orpik who they're stuck with for 2 more years. Orpik WAS a physical player, but can't catch anyone anymore.
  11. this is the most cited I've been to be a Devs fan. 1st overall pick, expansion draft, and Kovy thing falling into our lap. The force is strong with us.
  12. If you don't like thread about Jerseys, stay away-ignore! If you don't like talk about Kovy- ignore! Off season we talk about hockey fringe stuff. All we can do is speculate about the future. It's fun!
  13. I really doubt Devils will pick all 10 picks. i'm sure a few will be traded along the way, some possibly before expansion draft. And seriously doubt they'd pick 5 consecutive pivots.
  14. it's also a place for scouts to look over some immigrants to play hockey here. I'm sure Devs have someone there scoping them out. also, didn't I read Mozik is gone to KHL?
  15. A Right shooting puck moving D man in the prime of his career? Carolina could outbid us? Buffalo might as well. Be prepared to pony up! Or let him go.