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  1. GDT: Jackets @ Devils - 8 Dec - 7p

    LGD! Let's hope Cory is on his game. Hynes has last line change tonight, let's see what he does with it.
  2. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    I did as well. I'll admit I was very wrong. I'm very happy we got Nico. Hard to say what'll happen long term, regardless we got a gem.
  3. Roster Musings

    I'm wondering if Jacob MacDonald would get a look up here sometime this year? Is he on a two way? or just an AHL deal? He's lighting it up up there, a late bloomer as they say? Or a career AHL'er?
  4. Pavel Zacha

    He's theoretically a power forward. Dammit, play like one. i watched him in Avs game. Looked disinterested. Play every shift like Nico does, and maybe he'll stay. I don't feel sorry for him in the slightest. Hynes wants whomever to make a difference. When was the last time he finished a check? A punishing check! Not sure he has it in him. When & if he gets back in the lineup, he needs 3 consistent good games showing hunger. Or a conditioning stint in Bing. I'd rather see Lappin or Q here while #37 watches. Maybe that'll motivate. Lake PDB says, we don't need anymore passengers round here.
  5. GDT: New Jersey @ Arizona 8pm ET

  6. Roster Musings

    Not sure if this thread is best, but, I see Wood getting less time, Colemans increased (realize he's out on pk) Zacha didn't help at all. besides being fast, what does Wood bring to the table? Think Quenville would be better? What does Zacha do well? Playmaker? good along the walls? he plays with no urgency. I realize he's still very young, but so is Brats/Butcher/Nico. Zacha needs more "seasoning" in Binghamton? That will straighten his ass out.
  7. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    Not to worry, when Rico's contract is up in '19, Shero will sign him back here.
  8. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Hank gives up 3 goals, gets pulled, yet Pavlic gets the loss!
  9. That's awesome! Congrats, keep us posted on future discussions.
  10. GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    LGDevils! let's get to Dubnik early, and not look back
  11. GDT: Devils @ Toronto 7pm Msg Return of the Zajac

    I thought we played a solid game. Difference this year we're getting out of our zone way better. i thought Severson was very good. We took over much of the game in spirts. Liking this 4th line! Coleman is a pleasant surprise. I thought last penalty was bs. #23 digging in and so is Gibbons. We have far more balance this year. This is a fun team!
  12. Mirco Mueller Broken clavicle. Out Indefinitely

    He was being used in every situation. And in the last minute of game(s) Somewhere along the line he gained trust of coaching. He'll be missed. Beside Prout/Lovejoy, there's no one in Binghamton crying to get out of there. Who is there best D man so far?
  13. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Probably our Dub scout went to the game and took the boys to dinner eh?
  14. Defensive help

    As far our "pipeline" there's no imminent D man (in Binghamton) deserving of a call up that I'm aware of. Mueller has been good on this last trip, and overall Butcher has been a pleasant surprise (albeit PP specialist) As far as Trouba is concerned, Winnipeg doesn't trade anything! Toronto is also looking for D-men & have more trade chips. Lou would love to have Greener there. Carrick has been a scratch there since Polak came on board
  15. Defensive help

    I think we have some legit trade chips. I do agree an upgrade is much needed. I think they've been trying to move Lovejoy. And they will hold onto Prout for bigger teams & thugs. (which aren't many any more) there's also talk (Game day w/ Steve Kouleus) the with changes in Arizona, OEL might be available.