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  1. Is Spears eligible to play in the A next year? I guess we'll have Bastian, McCleod, there. Anyone else. Love to see Rykov but come to NA but I believe he recently signed with K for a couple years.
  2. I agree he's not going anywhere. He's clearly in decline (albeit slow). No teams are chompin at the bit for his services.
  3. Blackwood with his first pro shutout against a good team.
  4. You might be surprised, somebody else just might see value there. Blender played 5 games, hasn't scored. DSP hasn't made anything happen.
  5. Acquiring more picks for weak a draft? I know most teams make moves to boost themselves into playoff picture, and playoffs advancing. . I look at us making a move for the future. (Landeskog/Duchene etc) Would love Shattenkirk, but I doubt we're in the script. Many teams (unlike us) have the chips to make the trade, but not the cap space.
  6. I feel confident Shero can turn a couple these extra picks into decent roster players a la Palmieri. Wonder if anythings going to happen @ or before trade deadline? I'm hoping someone will take Parenteau off our hands. He, like Reid Boucher, have awesome hands but need time/space to get it off. if Shero's not able to pull anything off, thats' fine. I think there will be a fair amount of movement to avoid losing players for nada @ expansion draft.
  7. The blender will make a difference. LGD
  8. Why do I not see Quenville, Blender & Mozik at AHL all star game. I'm watching North/Pacific
  9. We really have no idea if Lou/Conte would've taken Horvat. No guarantee. Might've picked another Chatam, Corrente, etc
  10. I thought the AHL games at the boardwalk in AC was a litmus test for a possible future move when Lou was here? I think A devils made a strong effort in the community to get more interest, and they're a good team. I'd understand moreso if they were horrible. Albany might get an echl team. I thought the Norfolk Admiral (from AHL to ECHL) would go into the crapper. They had almost 7K at a game 2 weeks ago. Players supplied by Oilers.
  11. I've been reading (of course this is early on) that this draft is not very strong. Don't be shocked to see teams give up there 1st rounders for someone like shattenkirk?Hell, Rangers give up 2 for MSL. And another for Keith Yandle.
  12. Wonder what happened to the rumor of moving to Bridgeport when Isles leave to go into renovated Nassau Coleseum? Well, attendance now will be even worse after this announcement.
  13. Sadly, Cammy is un-moveable imo. 2 years (5 mil) after this one? Unless someone has a shot @ playoffs & is needs a lefty. plus, he has to like the team pursuing him
  14. Knowing Conte like we do, he would have convinced Lou to pick another Tedenby, Matteau, Corrente, Chatham. Many folks here all sure he would've picked Horvat. Not likely. I'm so glad Lou pulled the trigger on the (Schneids) deal. Lou knows how valuable a #1 goalie brings. Look at Philly's goaltending through the years, and so many other teams.
  15. Wow, this will be the most pleasant flight home. Damn did we look good. That was the best 3rd period this year. They actually took it to the Wild. Coleman is a work horse. Every line contributed D played great. observations: Palms very strong on puck, Zacha, i love the way he thinks the game (not just his nice goal) Severson a force back there. Wonder who they're giving the hat to tonight?