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  1. Apparently we've signed this guy to a 2 way.
  2. Not necessarily, he'll go to the place he's not way down on the depth chart. Hawks lost out on Hayes because he would never get a shot. He was right. Toronto/Buffalo are likely (depends on "promises" they make). If he turns out to be crap or mediocre (which could happen) coach Mike will sit him or send him down Boston is also a possible as well.
  3. Runblad /Hawks just terminated contract. Maybe he's not very good at all? Another kid that never lived up to promise.
  4. I'm optimistic we get into the playoffs. Set in goal. Forward reset looks very good to me. D is a question mark as we don't know who'll be 5-6. I hope Santini makes the jump. It'll evolve at camp. I think we'll wind up 5 in our division
  5. Panthers are going to be even better this year. New jerseys (which I think are pretty cool) a very good D corp & quite a few offensive minded fw's. My daughter's been & took 2 young kids to a few games (currently lives in Jupiter) .
  6. Awesome, are you not too far from the arena?
  7. He can't sign anywhere til Aug 15
  8. Rag$ & B's have more to offer in return (immediate roster player) than us. Not sure what they (St. Louis) want/need in return. I doubt we're even in the mix for Shattenkirk.
  9. This guy might just be a career AHL'er. Thing is he''ll be paid the same wherever he goes bonus' aside. I could care less if he comes here. I personally think he should be boycotted. Wouldn't we be furious if this happen to us w/ Santini or Miles Wood (if it had played out that way).
  10. I'll bet there was NYR discussion in reference to Shattenkirk. Like St. Louis asking for a generous return. CK being part of it. I'm sure Shattenkirk would sign in NY long term. But he'll want a bundle. Is NY ready/willing to do that? I just think Shero's put Devils in a good place where they can absorb a bigger salary. I love being closer to salary floor where you're in a position to do something quickly, if need be not have to move out high salaries to do so.
  11. I'd love to have Kreider on this team. I think he's a beast. Very doubtful Rag$ would even consider a deal with the Devil however.
  12. Nice update Zubie, are you going to the scrimmage later in the week as well? Were there any stand-outs among the "invited" players. I'm guessing Mcginnis went undrafted?
  13. Sent something as well. Loved coming here for years.
  14. Only problem here is another left hander. Might as well keep patty in that roll
  15. I hope this guy has a breakout year. You see flashes here & there. I'm pulling for JJ to earn a higher spot than 4th line w/ PP & PK time.