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  1. They were terrible, but probably had more listeners for that game just to hear them than any game this season.
  2. I don't know for certain. Could be a case of they know they are not going to win with him, so get something of value now? If you want to call Hamilton a B-dman (as compared to someone like Doughty or Weber being A's). Maybe they think they'd be better off with another young d-man who right now is a C and a young forward who is right now a C?
  3. Better than Desert Knights, or Dessert Knights. Surprised they didn't try to work the map of Nevada into the shading of the mask. Or the did, and I just don't see it.
  4. Don't read too much into Girardi. He hardly ever shoots. Well, hardly ever gets it on net. He only has 14 shots, less than 1 per game. Last year, he had 77 in 74 games. So, his shooting pct isn't going to help them much. Even now his pace is 14 goals. Do I think he will get it, no. But, even if he does, not going to make THAT much of a difference. Vesey had a very hot few games, but off the top of my head has only scored twice in the last 6 or so. So, his is coming down. Hayes, is just out of his mind right now. He dropped 20 pounds this off-season and clearly looks faster, so who knows. But no, do not expect 30%. Grabner? With him it feels like he only shoots when he is on an odd-man rush, but seems to be getting a lot of those due to his speed. Reality is no, they are not sustainable. BUT, if you do want to know where you should worry is a few have shooting pct below their career averages. Stepan is at 6.5%, but his career average is just over 11%. Zibanejad is at 7% and his career avg is 10.6. Kreider is 8.6 with a career avg of 12.1. McDonagh is 0, and a career average of 6.5. Most importantly, Lundqvist has found his game after a rough October. They have only given up 3 goals or more 6 times so far, and 3 of those were the first 3 games of the season. In the last 14, the opponent has scored 2 or less in 11 games. Edit: Saw this on I believe the Rangers facebook page last night: In his last nine starts, Henrik has posted an 8-1-0 record, along with a 1.89 GAA, a .936 SV%, and 1 SO.
  5. The good old days, when a Principal or teacher could just give it to you straight. If a principal did that now, there would be parents calling for his/her removal and at the very least they would be told to take sensitivity classes.
  6. Different time. They got the name for what they wore. Same with Cornell and Dartmouth being the "Big Red" and "Big Green". A reporter referred to Cornell's football team as "That Big Red Team on the hill" and it stuck.
  7. It is not so much 2 word names. Just unnecessary adjectives. I know it isn't the reason for the name, but there is a bird called a redwing. So it is an actual thing. Same with Maple Leafs. Things like, "Screaming Eagles", "Flying Dutchmen" etc.
  8. haha, oops.
  9. That would be terrible. I personally HATE when teams add an unnecessary adjective to a name. I know their was an issue with "Knights" and I know the NHL told them no gambling references. Just go with something else. "Dessert Knights" sounds like minor league baseball. But, I guess it is not as bad as "Rumble Ponies".
  10. Gracias and no, not on here just to annoy people. If that is how they take it, then they need to get over themselves. Yes, it is a long season. I'm hoping the D benefits from the extra rest this past off-season, but we shall see. For me, the REAL issue is whether Lundqvist finds his game as he has not been good thus far, this season.
  11. Wouldn't say I "hang out" on here. Popping on here once every few weeks, unless I get involved in a discussion is hardly, "Hanging out".
  12. Don't need to. We are not in a court of law. Are you asking if I sit and take my own stats on the number of shot attempts they lose because they make what I would deem an extra pass and then never get a shot off? No. I have better things to do with my time. I have never seen one, but if I come across one, I will let you know.
  13. Do you ever watch Rangers games?
  14. Didn't say 30% or that high. What I am saying, is because of their system, they will have a higher shooter percentage than the advanced stats guys say they "should". If you'd like, I can explain the mathematics behind my belief.
  15. To me, shooting percentage is a ridiculous stat. It should be goals/shots attempted. But, as the stat is calculated now, I do expect the Rangers to have higher than "normal" shot percentage simply because they are much more selective with their shots. They are not a "Fire at will" team. They tend to generally make the extra pass or 2 (or 40) to get the perfect shot. As a result, they lose a few shots on goal and shots attempted each game.