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  1. If he is a UFA, then there is no point protecting him. Vegas can select him, but he can easily sign with the Devils (or anyone else) on July 1st. With that in mind, can't imagine Vegas would take him unless there is nobody on the devils eligible list, they want.
  2. I think Girardi would be more likely to waive his NMC simply because he is a lot less likely to be selected if available, so very little risk on his part. Nash, on the otherhand only has 1 year left on his deal. So, Vegas might take him. Big salary, but not a long commitment.
  3. Possibly, but he is signed for 3 more years, at an AAV of $6.5MM and a no-movement clause that starts on July 1st. Not sure Vegas would want to commit to that, but you never know.
  4. They have to protect Nash, Girardi, Staal, Lundqvist due to their contracts and how their NMC/NTC's are worded. All 4 were on the list of "must-protects" that was released by the league in November. Otherwise, I would agree with your forwards. The one I remove now, is Stepan. He has a NMC that kicks in July 1st for 3 years. That might be enough to scare off Vegas along with the money. Holden they have to leave exposed, same for Klein. If the Rangers insist on protecting Stepan, then I would hope they offer a draft pick for them not to select whichever forward from your list is left unprotected. I see a lot of posts around the internet from fans about who they are going to lose and it is way too early for anyone to know. Obviously, nobody knows who will be left exposed. Secondly, nobody knows what Vegas's strategy will be. They have to take on a minimum amount of salary through the expansion draft, so they are not just going to take the cheapest salary from each team, but not necessarily going to select the best player. I could see them taking on 1 or 2 Rick Nash types. Guys with huge salaries, but only signed for 1 year. Doesn't commit them to the player long-term and if the player is having a decent season next year, it is a nice chip to have at the trade deadline to move as a rental.
  5. 7 F's, 3 D's, and 1 G; OR 8 skaters and 1 G.
  6. I don't know what you mean. Anyone can be protected. Some players, such as Lundqvist, Girardi HAVE to be protected and count towards the Rangers protections due to their NMC's. League put out a list around Thanksgiving. Guys like Skjei, Vesey who have not completed more than 2 years of AHL/NHL service are exempt. They cannot be selected and do not have to be protected. Players on LTIR, do not have to be protected and are also exempt. Someone like Chris Pronger if he is still on Arizona's books. I'm sure there will be at least 1 team whose list of available players Vegas looks at and doesn't want anyone. They still have to pick someone, and in that case I am sure they will plan to send them to minors or try to trade.
  7. Any player with more than 2 years professional service in North America, so AHL years count. Europe and Juniors do not. However, if it was a partial season as a PTO, it doesn't count. Brady Skjei for example is exempt. He will finish his 2nd season this year but his stint with Hartford at the end of 2014-15 was a PTO, so it does not count.
  8. True, but it really depends. Yes, they have to lose someone. However, a team like Minnesota may value Dumba A LOT more than the other good players they need to protect. Secondly, the package they get back from a team like the Devils might make it worth it to lose that 2nd player. Other things to consider is the Knights MUST take on a certain amount of salary through the expansion draft. Off the top of my head, I believe it is the cap floor for this year. If they take a UFA to be, his salary does not count in this minimum. An RFA's salary counts ONLY if they have received a qualifying offer from their current team. Secondly, they also must take a minimum amount of forwards, a minimum amount of Dmen and a minimum amount of goalies. Again, off the top of my head, think the 3 total to 25, then they have lee-way with the last 5 picks. So, they might want a guy with a fairly high contract who only has 1 year left. Helps them get to that threshold, but at the same time, only have to carry him for a year. They will not be able to just take the cheapest guys on each team's exposed list. May not be able to take the best player on each team's exposed list. What I think you will see is a lot of wheeling and dealing. I can see them taking a minimum of 5 picks for consideration to not take a certain player from a team. Then, once they have their 30, can see them trading another 5 between the end of the expansion draft and the end of the entry draft. Stockpile some picks and/or pull off a few 2-for-1 deals.
  9. Yes and no. NMC's are not uniform. They are all worded differently, they get reported as NMC just for simplicity. Bobby Ryan for example has a NMC that says he can't be sent to the AHL without his approval, but can be traded to any team in the league without needing approval. So, Ottawa does not have to protect him. NHL and NHLPA reviewed every contract and came up with the list of the "Must Be protected".
  10. No, they must select a player from every team. Yes, that will give them 30 players so obviously at least 7 don't make the team. They can then trade those players away or waive. They can also work out a trade where they receive a draft pick and the Knights agree not to take a specific player. For example, Rangers must protect Staal and Girardi. They will protect McDonagh as their 3rd Dman. Let's say they do not want to lose Kline or Holden (Skjei is exempt) they can offer Minnesota a 3rd, 4th, whatever and if they accept Minnesota agrees not to take the player. Basically, buying an extra protection. The Devils cannot claim players. What the original poster means (I think) is that some teams will have no choice but to leave some very good players unprotected. As a result, they may want to trade the player by the deadline and get something for them rather than lose them for nothing. For example, Minnesota will not be able to protect Dumba. So, if the Devils do not have 3 dmen they must (due to a NMC) or feel they must protect, they trade something to Minnesota for Dumba. Forward, pick, whatever.
  11. And, if they have a deal with a company like Steiner or Frozen Pond. But, I wouldn't be surprised if the Rangers use 10 sets per year.
  12. Listen to this man, for he knows what he says. I have always told people the same thing when it comes to autographs. If I had a dollar for every time someone came to me to ask a question along the lines of, "Which would be worth more money, a signed puck by <insert player name> or a picture?", let's just say I would have tons and tons more dollars than I do now. I tell people, buy the stuff because you like it. Go to the shows because you want to meet the player as he signs your item, talk to other fans, etc. Don't buy this stuff because you think down the road you will sell it off and use the proceeds to put your kids through college. In most cases, you are LUCKY to even get 1/2 of what you spent. With game used items, there were 2 problems that are prevalent now. 1) Most people just do not trust the items. If you can photo-match the item like DevsMan did, great. But even then, there will be people who think you just found the picture and made the marks yourself. 2) Nowadays, the players use SO much equipment and jerseys compared to years ago. I don't know if they are still doing it, but in 2010 Steiner reps would go into the Rangers lockerroom after the players cleared out and take all the jerseys, pants, broken sticks, etc., every few games. Wouldn't be surprised if guys wore the jerseys for only 2 or 3 games each, then it was sold. As a result, the stuff is not anywhere near as rare as it once was. Funny your bring up cards. I worked with a guy this past summer who told me he "invested" in cards. I don't mean he bought a few. He spent easily hundred thousand dollars on cards between 1986-1990. Said in total, must have had 1,000 Don Mattingly rookies between Topps, Fleer, Donruss. A few hundred Strawberry rookies, a few hundred Gooden 84 Topps Traded and Fleer Updates. Guy is in his early 60s now. Asked me if I ever had anyone tell me, "If you have ten cents extra, put 5 cents into a mutual fund..". He said, he would take the whole 10 cents into cards. Needless to say, didn't quite work out as he planned. Luckily he sold off before the real crash in the mid to late 90s, but said he didn't get back even 1/2 the money.
  13. What do you expect? Hockey does not draw very good ratings outside of the home markets. The first NBC game this season is in 2 weeks, Rangers in Detroit at 12:30 before the NFC Championship game at 3:30. Game will likely do a horrendous rating outside of the NY-NJ-CT and Michigan, Northern Ohio. So, they want the big market teams otherwise it is not worth their time. I agree with you about them not wanting the game if they can't have one of those 7. If the NHL told them they want it to be Hurricanes-Wild, NBC would tell them they were not carrying the game, at least not on the OTA station.
  14. Yes. But, supposedly not next season but the following is the slate for the Rangers to play a road game in Michie Stadium at West Point. Sounds good to me. They have now lost 3 of their last 4.
  15. They were terrible, but probably had more listeners for that game just to hear them than any game this season.