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  1. You think he still has a good reputation and brings hype? This is 2017, not 2007. If the Devils have the cap space and can absorb a decent amount of the salary, they should. That will get the best return, but I do not think it will be as much as Devils fans are hoping/expecting.
  2. Yup. But, he has a NMC for the next 3 years that starts July 1st and he is not worth that plus the $6MM salary. So I doubt it happens.
  3. What is the cap hit situation going to be for him? If he will be a $6MM+ cap hit, the Devils are going to have to take substantially less than what most of you think is fair or they are going to have to retain some salary. In all honesty, haven't looked at the Devils cap situation moving forward in a while, so maybe the latter isn't a problem for them.
  4. You have a better chance seeing Jesus Christ bouncing down your street on a pogo stick while being chased by Santa Claus then you do of this happening.
  5. Rangers don't want him, and he is not a major free agent, nor does qualify for "blockbuster" candidate status.
  6. Crazy that only 26 games were on tv in that first year and 32 a few years later. Was that the norm back then? Every now and then someone will call Francesa talking about an old Mets or Yankees game and mention how it wasn't on tv, but those are usually from the 50s (yanks only) and early 60s. I'm 41. Remember Sal "Red Light" Messina as the color guy on Rangers radio broadcasts years ago when I didn't have MSG Network. Never knew he did Devils games. Forgot that Shero did.
  7. That is cute on Ovechkin's part. But, officials from the Russian Hockey federation have already stated if the NHL says they are not going, they will not allow Russian NHL'ers to play. They are going to use this to try to get Russian FA's to sign with the KHL. Ovechkin would have to pull a Kovalchuck as he is under contract until 2020-21.
  8. They won't have a choice. There is going to be a lockout regardless. Owners told the PA they would do the Olympics if they extended the CBA 3 years. Players refused as rumblings have been that most are not happy with the CBA and want some changes.
  9. For 1 year, I can see a vet doing so. But, it would be someone close to retirement age, who might have a hard time getting a roster spot/ice time in the NHL. Someone like Girardi comes to mind. Belief is he will be bought out this summer, thus a UFA. I can't see him getting big money, no more than $1-2MM on a short term deal and I don't think he would be a lock to make many teams in the NHL. Could see him signing a 1-year deal to play in Europe hoping to play in the Olympics, or even having a wink-wink deal with Hockey Canada ahead of time.
  10. Won't be Leonisis's decision. BoG will likely vote to bar their players from playing in the Olympics and bar teams from allowing players to attend. IIHF and IOC will abide by it and declare the NHL'ers ineligible. As for US and Canada, will most likely be guys playing in the KHL and other European leagues. Maybe a vet playing in the AHL. What I could also see happening is some Canadian and American veteran players who are UFA's signing with the KHL for a year if they have never played in the Olympics. This could be their one shot to play for Canada or the US.
  11. If the NHL'ers aren't there, the tournament is meaningless. Besides, only way they will be able to go if a deal is not worked out, is if they retire from the NHL. For the record, I will not think it is a done deal until I see the 2017--18 official schedule without an Olympic break built in.
  12. They do have a huge following aside from the percentages. Their stretch of fans goes from Buffalo further east than Rochester, so probably a good chunk of fans that are outside what is considered local for tv accounting. A lot of upstate people who want nothing to do with the NYC metro area and root for Buffalo instead.
  13. The NHL's bread and butter is local ratings. The Sabres do HUGE ratings in their local market. Off the top of my head, they are 2nd only to Pittsburgh. Remember, ratings are based on a percentage of households in the market. So, Buffalo getting 300K viewers is a lot better for business than the Blackhawks getting 300K viewers in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Couple that with the big market rangers and that is all NBC cares about. Nobody in the league does a good rating nationally or in neutral cities. I'm sure the NHL expects the Sabres fans to travel for this one, but even if they do not the Rangers fans can easily fill up Citi. Supposedly, the NHL had pushed for Rangers Isles in NY and Rangers Devils at the Meadowlands and NBC wasn't having it. Wanted 2 distinct tv markets. Hence, why they created the Stadium Series.
  14. If he is a UFA, then there is no point protecting him. Vegas can select him, but he can easily sign with the Devils (or anyone else) on July 1st. With that in mind, can't imagine Vegas would take him unless there is nobody on the devils eligible list, they want.
  15. I think Girardi would be more likely to waive his NMC simply because he is a lot less likely to be selected if available, so very little risk on his part. Nash, on the otherhand only has 1 year left on his deal. So, Vegas might take him. Big salary, but not a long commitment.