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  1. Not so sure about that. I went to Nashville in December for Rangers-Preds. Tickets were cheap, had center-ice on the club level for $70 each and until about an hour before gametime, it was hard to tell the city even had a team. The Music City Bowl was I believe the next day, and that was getting all the attention.
  2. There might be people in the league offices who agree. However, the networks are paying the bill and are therefore the customer. The networks do not see it as their job to get the casual fan interested in all 30 teams. They want the match-ups they want. A game like Florida-Tampa is never going to excite NBC as Penguins-Flyers or Blackhawks-Red Wings or Blackhawks-Kings. The casual fan is just not going to care about 2 small market teams playing each other and trying to force it down everyone's throats by putting such games on is going to do more harm than good and will cause them to lose viewers long-term.
  3. Is your suggestion to have Florida on NBCS on Wednesday Night at home when they are playing a team like the Penguins or Blackhawks? Does the league really want to showcase Florida having half their building filled with opposing fans? I think it is very different if they show Rangers-Devils or Flyers-Devils from NJ and you hear the visiting fans in the background when they score. People understand the territories overlap, so it makes sense for visiting fans to show up. But Pittsburgh, Chicago, they are nowhere near Miami and just makes the Panthers and their fanbase look bad, imo,
  4. That would be worse. Lousy area, lousy access to LIRR, would not have enough parking once the arena goes up, and traffic would be an absolute nightmare for a weeknight game.
  5. Correct. Isles get $50MM and Barclay's gets all the ticket revenue and concessions, no parking. Only private lots and street parking in that area. Not sure what the cut is on the Team Store. Since that revenue is pooled league-wide, I would think Barclay's gets only a small cut of it.
  6. I would think the Isles have at the very least already done some HW on how this is going to go. I find it hard to believe they would simply start talking to the Mets and/or NYRA (supposedly Belmont is an option. An option that is more terrible than Shea, imo) and whoever else could step in (city Parks dept) just on a whim, They need to have some of the ducks in a row, the big one being $ and from where it is coming, and at the very least an idea of what they want in the arena.
  7. Might have been, I don't remember. But, they did play the Blackhawks this year on a Wednesday Night rivalry. They haven't been rivals since the early 70s.
  8. I'm with you. Would much rather watch MSG. That is why I used to love when ESPN had national rights, but the RSN still had the local market. It is all about ratings and teams like the Blackhawks bring people in.
  9. It's all about the money and people will travel for certain events. Went a few concerts at Giants Stadium when I lived on LI. I don't follow it anymore, but I remember when I would pick up the occassional concert tickets to scalp, many acts would do a night or 2 at Brendan Byrne, a night or 2 at MSG, and a night or 2 at Nassau Coliseum. I think you would see the same thing happen again. They'd get some college bball, might even get St Johns to leave MSG for them as their 2nd home. Things like the circus and Harlem Globetrotters will hit every arena possible. I know yesterday I said it would be a problem, but after thinking about it, I don't think they would really need to WIN events away, there are plenty to go around. The difference is you'd have MSG with 2 anchor tenants (Liberty do not count) and then Barclay's and New Shea with one.
  10. 30K? Wow. Really thought it was more of a 5-10 type crowd. I don't follow MLS at all, so really had no idea.
  11. Does NYCFC really have enough of a following to get it's own stadium/arena? Was there talk of building them something at Randall's Island? Thought I remember that story, but I could be wrong.
  12. I don't live out there anymore, so no idea what the cost is. When I moved in 2003, I think it was $10 round trip from anywhere in Nassau to Penn. Not sure on just to Jamaica. I took the LIRR from Pt Washington to Shea once for the 99 Play-offs against the Braves. I didn't live in Port Washington, but it was a Friday Night game and I figured the traffic would be terrible. Drove to Pt Washington and took train. Easy ride, but not sure how many the Pt Washington station could accommodate. I could be wrong, but I do not think the parking lot is very big. They are better off in Brooklyn. In time, their bread and butter will be the person who works in the City and live on LI. From Brooklyn, you can get home via LIRR to any station EXCEPT those on the Port Washington line. The person coming from LI to the game can also take the train. Plenty of Rangers fans take the train in from LI to games at MSG, Isles fans can do it too.
  13. I too do not see this as a great idea. Like others said 3 arenas already in the area. Secondly, Citi is not going to be easy for fans to attend. Not during the week. They will have the same issues they had at Nassau Coliseum. The person who works in the city generally can't get home and then in the car to Queens for a game. It is a much different animal than the Mets. The Mets draw from all over the city, LI, I even know a few people in NJ who do attend games. Islanders? The greater majority of their fans are in Nassau and Suffolk. Queens despite popular belief is not an Islanders stronghold. Secondly, the Mets play 81 home games and can get away with lighter crowds during the week. Islanders? Not a good idea. The LIRR for the city worker is not an option. Citi Field is on the Port Washington line, so their trains do not go through Jamaica. Penn Station to Woodside, then to the Pt Washington line, which is in Northwest Nassau. So, anyone not living on the Port Washington line has to go back to Woodside, then get a train to Jamaica, and then likely change at Jamaica to get home. Could easily be a 1 1/2 to 2 hours. HOWEVER, they have begun to tear down some of the buildings (chop shops) out behind right field. Post 44,810 in this thread shows a pic from the train platform. I do know when Citi first started going up, there was talking of the city taking the chop shops through eminent domain to develop the area. Not sure if this is the start or if it doesn't have anything do with it at all.
  14. True, but Bobby Bonilla is looking at Brad Richards and saying, "1.4 mil for ten years?" Then he pats him on the head and says, "That's cute, you enjoy that."
  15. haha, nah they have a first in 2017! This year's was the last first that had been traded away.