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  1. oh boy
  2. too many giveaways
  3. you missed that THE POWERPLAY IS HORRIFIC!
  4. the game started out ok. They seem to have strayed from the game plan. Lets get to the 2nd
  5. not good
  6. that is a horrific PP
  7. nice penalty Roly He's lucky our PP stinks Wear the old man out! Gotta love Clarky
  8. This should really help us out down the finishing stretch. Should help our offense to have our besk puck carrying defenseman back.
  9. I'm not a big fan of Mottau. Hopefully Eckford or one of the Lowell boys takes his place. I wish Halischuk was back too
  10. he's an old man
  11. Zharkov is a scratch tonight. Damn, i wish that kid would bag his frist NHL goal
  12. but at what price?
  13. I hate Crosby
  14. I hope Yann has a good game tonight
  15. will do! not sure why it took so long