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  1. hi guys, i was just wandering if anybody here has any devils logos on their cars. i myself have a license plate frame but am looking to get a logo on my car.
  2. i used to go to goodsports to back in like 5th grade lol. and btw last year when the devils swept the rangers us devils fans ruled the school, even the teachers were going crazy. and talking aobut teachers who did u have , i could tell u if they are still here
  3. hi guys im kinda new here. big devils fan. anyways, my friend is a huge ovechkin fan, and he loves the guy. now his birthday is in a few weeks and i was wondering if there is a way i can surprise him with ovechkin coming and meeting him on his birthday. is there any way i can do this?and if so , how?
  4. just got back from the rangers-lightning game , my friend got me tickets. all i can say is that i really really really hate that place, i hate being in front of 18000 rags fans , and i aint doing it again. btw the gaem got so boring that i actually took a nap for 10 min in the third and then walked around the arena and then me and my freinds left.
  5. zach is the man!