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  1. Real Life Intrudes

    Nieuwy, My grandfather had alzheimers for a long time before he died. Ive helped care for him and being me and my mother are both EMTs it helped to work with it. If you have any questions, problems, or just need someone to talk with about it feel free to e-mail me. I will gladly help in anyway i can. I know first hand how mentally frustrating it is.
  2. Philly Phanatic's head is missing

    Sorry NJay but if theres a reward I'll be ratting you out first thing. No job, so i gotta take advatage of this. (don't worry ill slip you a few $ for bail money)
  3. A different take on "Miracle"

    You should have known that it was a $hitty article in the thread title. The writer is from LA nuff said. Hes just a hollywood beat writer who knows jack about sports. I hate people like this guy who have to make a stance just to be different and want attention and the same hate goes for hollywood too.
  4. Hockey Tips

    For endurance problems go to GNC and buy Endurox Excel. It puts back the vitamins and minerals you lose when you play or workout and allows you to go longer. Its not a steriod. I take it, the stuff works great Ive had no adverse side affects from it. And another tip to get better is play against guys that are much better than you. Doing that will push you to play harder against them and youll pick up some things while playing against them.
  5. I just saw the Miracle movie...

    After watching it I got the impression that the Russians were this almighty hockey powerhouse that had a huge cockyness to them. If you win that many times in a row you have every right to be. Cool FYI Billy Schneider plays his dad Buzz Schneider in it.
  6. Miracle

    Theres a thread in off topic...
  7. I just saw the Miracle movie...

    Yeah thats what i went to, the special screening.
  8. Before we jump to any conclusions, like we already have. How old are these alleged "children". The link posted does not work.
  9. I just saw the Miracle movie...

    I think he did an excellent job, had that Brooks "all buisness" look if you know what i mean.
  10. I just saw the Miracle movie...

    It is amazingly good. I know you don't believe me because it doesnt come out for another few weeks, but there was a special screening. The movie captures the drama and the whole background to the game so well. I'll probably see this movie like 3 more times when it comes out. Definatly a must see.
  11. Game of Night

    Anyone put on the foil? Maybe an appearance by eddie shore and the hansons?
  12. Phoenix drops first game in new home

    Hey whats wrong with lacrosse??
  13. Silly Duck fans....

    Didn't the Devils make a comeback in that game only to get screwed over in a BS call? And I hate to break it to you, but Giguere did not win the Conn Smythe....KOHO won it.
  14. Mulholland Dr.

    After thinking about it, Diane and Beatty are the same person its just that Diane is real and Betty is her own dream self. Like how she wants her life to be like, i.e. wowing the producer, getting the girl, solving a mystery...