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  1. Game Six: Devils Vs Sens

    You are correct! All Rookie and was up for the Calder at the time. You just won a copy of "Fraser's Greatest Officiating Games To Date"! Ok... yes, it's 1 page with a big picture of his hair and his hand holding a can of his favorite spray (V05). Seriously, nice job and let's get this game started!!!!!
  2. Game Six: Devils Vs Sens

    I just look at the fact that we turned it around against Philly to win the Cup, can Ottawa do it? What differentiates NJ Vs. Philly in 90 and this series? Marty? Stevens and how he kept the Team together along with Dano (not to mention the Eric hit)? Yes I'm nervous and proud of that fact!
  3. Game Six: Devils Vs Sens

    I think we're all waiting to see how the first 10 minutes is not played, but how it is officiated. Is it safe to say that the Devs have been given a very bad hand this entire series in the hope that it goes 7, and or the Sens win the series. Conspiracy theory yes, but we all know well that the last five games have been won by superior penalty killing. I'll Show my hand and state it again that the Devs must play mistake proof hockey in order to win tonight. I hope to God Fraser is not in NJ tonight! GO DEVS and shoot high to glove side! Trivia.. what round was #4 taken in by the Caps in 82'?
  4. Game 5: New Jersey At Ottawa

    That's fine, I won't complain about the officiating, just the fact that NJ still has time. Regardless, I like the fact that Lou can pocket some cash and the SENS WILL BE HIT HARD "if" it goes to game 6. MY GOD HOW THE NHL HATES NJ!
  5. Game 4: Devils Vs Sens Game Thread

    Still po'ed after the last game as the NHL has again shown that "they" don't want NJ anywhere near the finals. RATINGS! Look for the Sens to get a nice advantage again today on the PM and Marty will again have to steal one. "Marty Party" and #4 will pull this out! F' Fraser, but God Bless him off the ice.
  6. Game Three: Devils Vs Sens Game Thread

    F Whoopie and start with some STOLI!
  7. Game Three: Devils Vs Sens Game Thread

    I agree...he didn't see this and none of the Devils challenged it....if someone screwed up it was the replay guys upstairs. It's just bad luck...I really am sick about the play. I'll vomit if this game goes to OT. POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!! GO DEVILS!!! What! At this level of play it IS up to him that his officiating crew see this! This is not HS or College Hockey! NHL, again NHL and this has nothing to do with "upstairs"!
  8. Game Three: Devils Vs Sens Game Thread

    HE F'IN (FRASIER... spelling,) knows he made the mistake and is the worst official in the NHL! He cares more about his V05 hair spray and not breaking a sweat than he does about officiating! I was at at the Tampa OT Game when Langee scored the OT goal. He almost cost NJ the game and thank God we did not have to see him the rest of that round! This "goal" could haunt us and F him if it does! The Sens now know they should be down by two, but now have new life. Now he must make up for it by calling bad penalties against the Sens and I don't want to hear any crap in the press about makeup calls! F'in SHAME!!!!!!!!! Thank you #18!
  9. Game 5: Tampa Bay At New Jersey

    SCORE MARSHALL! My wife went to a Yankee game along with two other "supposed" Devil fans while I had the chance to enjoy the best game in seven years (since McKay)! F'in A!
  10. Our Own Arena Poll

    Is shutting down Rt. 3 out of the question? Shut down Route 3 for two hours (after rush hour) say 6:00pm and let them head into the stadium. Just took 3 to the game last Saturday as there was a truck accident and should not present a problem? 2 mile stretch to the "lot" and those who choose to lineup on 3 can do so and the rest can hang in the parking lot. Just a thought.
  11. Devils Vs. Tb Game 4

    "Oh yea, almost forgot, Stevens is an absolute warrior. Words don't do justice for what this guy brings to the team." I said "sit him". I guess I don't understand just what kind of player, person and leader he is. I know he's the best "C" in the NHL, but tonight I just saw folklore. Scary, just want to see that goal over, and over again. Unreal. Have a great Thursday and let's put it away Friday!
  12. Our Own Arena Poll

    Cherry Hill. Great location and transportation hub, plus we could put it right next to the Flyers practice facility. Seriously, it amazes me that I live here right outside of Princeton and the Mason Dixon line cuts right through my town. I want Newark, proven fact that if the NJ Symphony Orchestra can bring in millions for downtown Newark, why cant the Devs? "The Exit 16 crowd is to spoiled having a 10 minute ride from CAA :)" Agreed, but at least we have a team that puts NJ on the map and continues to win regardless of what Flyer and Ranger fans have to say about our "parking lot parades"! That's PLURALITY! Praying for ya Scotty!
  13. Devils Vs Lightning Game #3

    F! 10 stitches and pray he's back. Looked like he turned his head just in time to miss the eye! Just pray!
  14. Brodeur Admits To Affair

    Wow, looked like a real tight family as I have seen Marty's wife and kids at many games over the years. Life is life and wish both of them the best. Sucks.