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  1. Tattoos

    My boy randomly found it on ebay and bought it for me
  2. Tattoos

    The first one is literally 10 min after it was done and the second one is the next day. and
  3. In The Last 12 Years of Hockey, the Devils have brought to me....

    I don't get the 12 "winning seasons"????
  4. So....how many Rangers Suck/Flyers Swallow chants tonight?

    I like the Rangers suck chant. I go to a decent amount of games (10-15 a year) and it never grows old for me. The main reason that I do it is this... Ranger fans are ALWAYS at Devils games. Even when we're not playing them. They come with their jersey's, they get drunk, obnoxious, and root for any team but the Devils (first Flyers game we had, a Ranger fan in our section was cheering for the Flyers. The Flyer fans around kept telling him that it was embarassing he was rooting for them). Sometimes they'll come without any colors and make smart ass remarks under their breath. I chant it because I want THEM to be reminded. Also, people who don't come to games often and hear it, think it's hysterical. They have to practice before they come to a Devils/Rangers game, no?
  5. 2006 Goal Song Poll

    I think rotating them is dumb. If they MUST rotate them, keep one song per game. Let the crowd learn the song. I personally thing Crowd Chant is perfect but not many people have heard and/or know what to do (chant or whatever). Ole = Soccer