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  1. Rock Seating Preferences Deadline is March 9th

    There will be a lot more fans at the new arena than CAA will ever have. Between the corporate businesses in that district and all the working high rise buildings there will be tickets sold and given away on most nights. Fans and new people will come and check out the new arena for the first two to three seasons then maybe the attendance will drop some. The average in the new arena will be a lot better plus there are less seats.
  2. I really hate it when...

  3. GDT: Devils @ Flyers 3/6/07 7:00PM

  4. NFL Free Agency Thread

  5. Remember the contest on ???

    Holy Cow! Congrats man! You are one lucky Devils fan. Let us know if you are throwing a huge party and all is invited. Congrats to you as I entered that as well and obviously didn't win.
  6. Who is worse?

    For sure the Devils do not have a #1 D-man on their team. Rafalski and White at times can be a #2 and #3 defenseman and Lukowich as maybe a #4 or Martin as #4 right now. Oduya is not a #4 right now which I agree NJD Jester.
  7. I really hate it when...

    Gomez was flying out there tonight and that pass to Elias was just awesome for the goal! Gomez needs to do that more often and drive to the net and something can happen like maybe he starts scoring some goals. Put it on the net and surely there could be some rebounds.
  8. Rock Seating Preferences Deadline is March 9th

    Yeah that is the way they have been doing this so far. It is only fair that way.
  9. GDT: Devils @ Flyers 3/6/07 7:00PM

  10. Who is worse?

  11. GDT: Devils @ Flyers 3/6/07 7:00PM

    Tonight this Flyers team was a way different team than the one the Devils beat five times this season. With all the moves the Flyers made they are a much younger and faster team along with some of their veterans like Gagne and Kapanen plus the addition of Biron. The Flyers looked better tonight than previous games and have been playing a lot better as of late. They just looked one step faster and more hungrier to the pucks than the Devils. The Flyers have nothing to play for and they played hard and finally won over the Devils. Devils blew this game defensively and out of position all night plus two lucky goals off of deflections.