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  1. Are they still not forcing the owners? It seems like you think the owner's have the right/responsibility to set salaries, but they don't have the right/responsibility to set salaries lower.
  2. The author also makes it sound as though the 2000 Devils were something other than the 2nd-highest scoring team in the league. They did not get there only by having good defense. Other than that, I think the article was very very good. Bettman deserves immense blame for the current state of the league. His management was extremely poor. Vis a vis the current negotiation with the PA, however, I think Bettman deserves a lot of credit for wishing to implement a system that is grounded in reality. The players don't appear to have any sense of reality whatsoever, and I believe they deserve the lion's share of the blame for the failed negotiation.
  3. You think hockey players have better fall back options than billionaire owners? The owners have so many better things to do with their money than run a losing operation. Most players' second best option is 90% worse than what they would've had if they accepted in February.
  4. Okay. Every team just officially decided that they want to spend less than $37.5 M. Now what? If you think teams can decide what their maximum is, why do you have a problem with this?
  5. Yeah? Then what would they be doing if it was about the money?
  6. The players seem to think it can last forever this way. As long as salaries keep going up.
  7. That's true. The owners ought to be very careful about this sort of thing. Then again, if the players want to reorganize, they should do it legitimately too. They should start by hiring a new chief...
  8. Instead, it's "Hey fans, thanks for paying more than you could afford all these years so that my salary could be ridiculously inflated. Now we're going to throw you under the bus."
  9. Legace said: "Players want to play only for far more money than any reasonable measure of demand will support. But we're not being allowed." *fixed*
  10. These were the observations that led me to the conclusion that their leadership was awful. What do you think a leader is supposed to provide? Please, name a sports team that had worse leadership than Messier's most recent Rangers.
  11. Your point is understood, but the single-most defining characteristic of the most recent Messier teams was their lack of leadership. In fact, I would challenge you to name any team in the history of sports that had worse leadership than the Messier-led Rangers of the last few years. The thing that sticks out in my mind was a couple years ago when the Rangers' playoff lives were coming down to a single must-win game. Messier went to the media and said that the game was going to rest squarely on the shoulders of Dan Blackburn. That's right, on a team with 20 overpaid veteran all-stars, the game rests on the shoulders of your nervous 18-year-old rookie goalie. Amazing leadership.
  12. And what the players don't seem to grasp is what it's like for a fan to have to pay $250 to take his family to a game. If Darcy Tucker wants to keep making the money he thinks he deserves and wants the league to remain in existence, maybe he should start thinking about who's buying the tickets. The demand just isn't there. Wake up.
  13. This is exactly what the replacement players are going to be saying. Looking forward to hearing the players' responses at that time.
  14. That sounds exhausting, Jester. In reality, sitting on your hands is the best way to not get the things you want. If fans were smart enough or motivated enough, we'd use our power to make real change. We shouldn't come back to the arenas until they're down to 24 competitive teams, and $10-$20 ticket prices.
  15. Is he saying that markets can't come down? Once the owners set the marketplace, they can't make corrections if they were wrong originally? And if he's saying that the owners have the right and the responsibility to set the marketplace, then why doesn't he just shut up and let them do it.