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  1. Help Save Our Hockey

    Thanks to everybody fot their support so far!!!
  2. Help Save Our Hockey

    Sammyk Never heard of anyone called "kickice", but I can tell you I first saw the Devils play back in '96 and have followed them ever since! Manchester Storm fans were pretty sad to see KK go but I as far as Im concerned he couldnt have gone anywhere better!
  3. Help Save Our Hockey

    As a big Devils fan who makes the pilgrimage to meadowlands as often as possible (hey so I base my holidays around the Devils home schedule!) I have come to ask for your help! Ice hockey is a pretty big deal over here in the UK, at least to the tens of thousands of loyal fans, but the future is looking distinctly bleak for the ISL (Ice Hockey Superleague - top UK league). As an avid, loyal supporter of my local team the Manchester Storm I awoke this morning to find that the owners of our arena - SMG Europe - have cancelled our game tomorrow. No big deal you might think? Problem is SMG have turned there back on Manchester Storm and their fans, and in turn on the whole future of hockey in the UK. The impression they give is that they beleive there is no future for top level hockey in the UK; Manchester is one of the biggest clubs in the country and account for a fair portion of hockey fans in the UK. Through similar circumstances over the past couple of seasons we have already lost two teams, the league now made up of only 7! As a fan of the Storm, the Devils, and most importantly of all ice hockey as a sport I ask that anybody who values ice hockey as much as us please sign our petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/storm1/petition.html Hopefully this will make SMG wake up and realise that hockey is here to stay! Many Thanks Mark Birds Manchester, England