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  1. Is it a family member?
  2. Freudian slip. The Hockey community is quite small and regardless of your favourite team these things can't be dismissed.
  3. Agreed Don, you'd expect your Team would rally around the issue. Maybe Burns did not disclose the issue although. I hope it's not a health related issue. Hopefully he's announcing that he's going back to a Police force although I know that's not going to happen. God luck Burnsy.
  4. Hey Jimmy, you still gracing the
  5. Bungham, so original.
  6. I believe the Devils domination over the Flyers is officially over. I believe Scott Stevens is done. I beleive people are starting to see Colin White for what he is, a marginal player with a lack of discipline. I beleive Brody's weaknesses were exposed this year. I believe in Flyers in five.
  7. Looks like the Devils domination over the Flyers has ended.
  8. So that means I can tell people here that you beat your wife regardless if the statement is based on fact? And if I say "I was only kidding!" it's forgotten? Please. That's crazy.
  9. USA should have had that goal in the third, the late call could have been a visual error yet the missed goal was really sloppy.
  10. Yeap, Rollie as I like to call him. I found out today his name is actually Ronald Scott Stevens.
  11. I'm here for friendly discourse. The days of the flame wars between this Board and our Board are in the past.
  12. Back on? I'm still there. How are things Pepperkorn? It's going to be a great series.
  13. I think he's done and will hang them up if there is a lockout next year.