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  1. Scott Stevens

    I think you're being sarcastic, but I'm involved in the medical end of things in hockey at various levels, including professional. In four years, I've had 30-something posts, it's true, but I do like to read this board, especially for the various links to in and out-of-state newspaper articles, so I occasionally delve into other threads. I wasn't arguing for the sake of it -- my opinion is that I like the bridge to the past the Devils have. Fifteen years ago, this was a team with no history, no fans, and no Cups. I'm not sure any player BUT Scott Stevens could have done what he did, and he most likely won't do it again. Just my opinion, just yours, that's the idea. As for Dew, well, he/she/it just wanted some attention, apparently.
  2. Which should Lou do first?

    I hate to say this, but if you're familiar with cancer, recurrences usually do you in. It's metastatic cancer to the liver. Usually incurable. The media has been pretty mum -- and rightfully so -- on Burns' condition, but he may not be with us in a few years, let alone coaching.
  3. Carolina's Arena & their Fans

    Tampa fans are pretty knowlegeable, they have a great arena, and a lot of excitement following winning the Cup. I saw us lose in OT there this year, followed by a loss at Florida the next day. Rough trip. Florida fans don't even care about the Panthers, the stadium is more cavernous than the Meadowlands.
  4. Keys to Devils off-season.

    I realize that Patrik is playing coy as he prepares to enter the business of UFA. Is there anyone here who thinks that Lou won't offer him the max and a long term contract, along with the captaincy? Is there any reason why he would want to leave? I haven't seen it -- he's been the consumate team guy, and his skills shine through whether we're playing the "trap" of old, or in the "new" NHL. I think he gets a Brodeurian contract.
  5. Scott Stevens

    Umm, that was the point of my insult, genius. What matter is it how many posts I have? I've been a member as long as you have, and I read the board regularly. If you had taken the time to read the little letters and numbers in the left hand column, you'd know I wasn't a newbie. BTW if you want credibility, work in the business of hockey like I do, don't worry about how many useless posts on an anonymous board anyone has.
  6. Scott Stevens

    I just didn't think it was necessary. Not everyone agrees with what you say on internet message boards. And you say alot.
  7. Scott Stevens

    Why the personal insults? You were dead wrong, and the players, including Gomez, said that the talk inspired them. Typical puckbunny -- no insight into the intricacies of the game, or sports psychology in general.
  8. Scott Stevens

    Fortunately, the Devils know better than you. All great organizations get the alumni involved: look at the Yankees. Guidry, Mattingly, Nettles, Sojo, Girardi, Reggie Jackson have all come back, and worked in some capacity, for them. Pretty successful sports franchise. In essence, until Lou names a successor, Stevens is still The Captain of this team, whether he's on it or not. If they brought in Kirk Muller, who played for the Devils when some of these players were in diapers, I would have a problem with that. But they all know The Captain, and most played with him. It certainly is his place, and if HE thought it wasn't, he'd stay away. Who hid out like a jerk-off? I don't understand that comment.
  9. Scott Stevens

    Ehh, not so much, huh?
  10. GDT: Carolina at New Jersey, 3pm EDT - NBC,TSN

    Wow...remind me to not bad-mouth Pando again..until October.
  11. GDT: Carolina at New Jersey, 3pm EDT - NBC,TSN

    Can't keep messing with their PP.
  12. GDT: Carolina at New Jersey, 3pm EDT - NBC,TSN

    Nice play, Tommy Albelin. Uh oh, PK.
  13. GDT: Carolina at New Jersey, 3pm EDT - NBC,TSN

    Jay wasn't a handsome man to begin with.
  14. GDT: Carolina at New Jersey, 3pm EDT - NBC,TSN

    Let's HOLD this early lead.

    SCORE. For the third straight game, we're up 1-0. Let's see if we can win this one.