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  1. Once again I thank you all for your help... It'll be great to see the new arena. The first fan to spot us gets free beer! (Not saying which games we're going to!) Dave
  2. They're 9 & 13 years old, although the teenager thinks she's in her 20's!
  3. We're coming over for the Devils' games but staying a week. Last time we did the Empire State, Statue of Liberty etc. & had a great time. I'm sure there's plenty to keep us entertained in between games but welcome any suggestions...
  4. Thanks Chaps, great advice as usual. Really looking forward to seeing the new place. Last season was amazing although my 8 year old daughter picked up some 'interesting' chants at the Rangers game!!!
  5. Last season I made my first visit to watch the Devils & you guys on this board were really helpful to me. So once again I'm asking for a favour... I'm planning to visit in February but don't know about the new arena. Where would you recommend I get a hotel? I'm thinking about one at Newark Airport. Is the public transport system to the arena ok from there? Also, do you think I'll need a car for getting around? I know its a tricky question but last year you guys were spot on! Thanks Dave.
  6. Thank you once again for the advice!!! Can't wait for February to come round so I can get to the game... Oh yeah message for 'devlman ' last night my soccer team finally got this season's first victory on the road!!!
  7. Thanks I'll check that out... As for imperial measurements the only good thing about being my age is that its all I know! Can't manage kilometres etc... I have survived a couple of driving vacations in North America, mainly Canada & a few in Florida but something tells me that NJ/NY is gonna be just a little bit different! Oh trust me that will NOT be a problem... I do like my food, and beer! Did I mention beer? Its gone 8pm here & I think I hear some calling me!
  8. Thanks for all your help so far! I think it looks like I'm going to have to hire a car... I'll post the make & colour nearer the time so you can (try) to avoid me as a speed down the Turnpike on the wrong side of the road! Seriously, thanks again for the advice...
  9. By 'right' I guess you mean wrong? I think that I'll probably use taxis I'm a bad enough driver over here without worrying about what side to drive on!
  10. We're staying at La Quinta Inn & Suites Secaucus-Meadowlands... I was told it was good for the Devils arena? The Islanders game is on the 'wish list' right now so here's hoping! Thanks for your help...
  11. We've got tickets for Feb 16, Pittsburgh Penguins & Feb 20, New York Rangers. We were also looking at trying to get tickets for the game at the Islanders on the 17th. Any thoughts on how best to make that journey? I don't want you guys to think I'm using you as free tourist info but its tough to find out stuff like this!
  12. Hi, I'm coming over with my family to see the Devils play in February & I was wondering if any of you guys could help with some advice? We're staying in the Secaucus-Meadowlands area but have been told that there is no way of getting to the arena except by car... Is this true or are there buses etc? I guess we can get a taxi out there but I'm not sure about getting back. Our stay is for 8 days so we're hoping to do some touristy stuff when not watching hockey..! The whole family is really exited at the prospect of finally seeing the Devils live, its tough to follow them from England & we have to make do with our local team. They play in the top league in the UK but are the only 'small town' team & struggle with money & crowds... ( Thanks for reading & any advice is welcome.