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  1. Did it work?
  2. Done.
  3. Quinn01, "Theres a 1-3,200 possible chance of injury." Show me the mathematics.
  4. Bush league "sitck and puck" goal. Was the goalie even square to the puck, let alone the shooter? It looked like the keeper was square to center ice.
  5. Yo, Dawg. I heard you like drafts with your drafts so... oh forget it.
  6. IRON MAIDEN 4/17/2011 Tampa Look for the guy in the "Trooper" tunic.
  7. My mask, Rattle can flat black is inexpensive.
  8. Also, "The Future Is Unwritten" about Joe Strummer.
  9. I'm ashamed for forgetting this. ("The Last Waltz" that is.)
  10. "The Kids Are Alright" (the old one.) They actually let the songs run from begining to end. "Tommy" "Flight 666" "Quadrophenia" also, the Roling Stones "Rock and Roll Circus"
  11. ...and the feelings so real, you can feel the feeling...
  12. "Everybody's=heard" that. As long as the "Bird=Surfin'"
  13. Maybe the fries are uncurly or unstraight.
  14. Quadrophenia London Calling Wish You Were Here