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  1. Mighty Big Disappointment

    Obviously this article was written by a bitter Rangers fan without an ounce of objectivity. May he have to watch the Devils burn a whole in his columns by not only winning it all this here, but also by continuing to be a successful organization.
  2. Reasons Why I Fear Tonight's Game

    1-Burns changed what was working for the Devils in the previous games and stuck to a non working game plan. 2-Officiating. Many of you will chew me up for saying so, convesely, officiating has been completely one sided. Though I am not looking to excuse the poor play of our forwards, I will say that many of the calls or non calls were demoralizing to the Devils. 3-The players have not shown a killer instinct (Does Elias still play on our side?) 4-Too many veterans acting their age. Good luck to all of us and may our Devs kick some serious butt.
  3. Great Game So Far.

    I just wish that the Senators would not be the only team on the ice. We are playing a totally uninspired game. So far we are fully deserving of the score.
  4. I Feel As If I Am Watching

    I'm going to try. I am going to compose one now
  5. I Feel As If I Am Watching

    The Ottowa refs working overtime. The refs are practically handing Ottowa the game. Talk about one sided calls huh...
  6. Hello All.

    I am happy to see some old timers here.
  7. I Wish That I Understood Lou's Logic

    It has been a while since i last posted on this board. Therefore I am unaware of how people feel about this.
  8. I Wish That I Understood Lou's Logic

    And I assume that you see a big bicture in trading away young talent.
  9. I Wish That I Understood Lou's Logic

    God I miss the A-line.
  10. I Wish That I Understood Lou's Logic

    First he allows Almo to leave, Subsequently we are missing a 50 goals scorer and decides to break-up the A-line in order to "Spread the wealth". When he realizes that the break up did more harm than good he tries to get them back together. They had lost some chemistry, so he decides to solve our scoring problems by trading the A-line. Now there is no pp and no scoring. Am I the only one having trouble seeing the logic of this?