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  1. tickets for sale cheap

    Tickets are gone. Thanks guys
  2. Funny e-bay item

    thats a riot. Ive seen the same pic for Yankee fans
  3. tickets for sale cheap

    I have 2 tickets in the upper level for the following games Avs on Nov 1 sec 239 Caps on Jan 17 sec 239 Kings on FEB 15 sec 216 Isles on Mar 28 sec 238 I thought I could attend these games but I cant. They're all 20 dollar seats. I'll sell them all together for 90 bucks (face is 140). I just want to get rid of them so someone will use them. PM me and we can hook up. I will take a check from any members. If you're not a member, you'll need a money order or cash :-)
  4. Fischler On Devs-bolts Series

    sometimes I wonder about Stan!! seems pretty convenient what with all of the OT games during the first round , that he would write a column highlighting the potential for more OT Games.
  5. Philly Vs Toronto

    I have to agree. Roenick was absolutely CREAMED On the Roberts hit and the refs just looked the other way. and Nolan clearly embellished the stick to the face to. Watch the replay and you'll see what I mean. Yeah, it was a clear penalty but his head snapped back like he was shot between the eyes! I hate it when the rules are open to interpretation. An illegal hit is an illegal hit....period. helluva an exciting hockey game though.
  6. Huge Blow For Leafs

    I'm thinking the Devils would have no problems with the Flyers regardless
  7. Attacks Are Starting Again..

    I havent been around in awhile. what kind of attacks? Can you afford 25 bucks a month? If not, maybe you could open a Paypal account or something and some of the members could send some cash your way?? I'm not here all that much but I would gladly throw some bread at you. I love this site
  8. Cablevision, Yes Announcing Deal

    I thought the Devils were a done deal. that they were just waiting for the current TV contract to expire. Does anyone know when that is ?? When the current deal expires?
  9. Ottawa Pics

    very cool pics. I'm curious, where is the canal that I always see people skating on (during hockey broadcasts) . I've heard once or twice that skating is actually a legitimate mode of transportation in Ottawa because of the canal.
  10. Njaydevil: Unmasked

    talk about an ugly kid!! jeez louise
  11. Fluery

    for the love of god I hope not!! the guy is too unstable. he's the last thing the Devils need in the locker room
  12. Stakes High In Leafs-flyers Poker Game

    great article. I'm in SJ and have been reading and hearing that the Flyers may not even be done dealing yet. They had an over-abundance of draft picks this year which they seem to have had no problems dealing to small market teams
  13. Predictions For Tonight's Game

    6 goals! The way the offense has been playing, I am not sure this could score 6 goals if I were the Pens goaltender. I do think they'll win though
  14. Football

    LOLOL. Take the word "almost" out of the comparison and you are absolutely 100% correct. take care
  15. Off Topic: "cowbell" Snl On

    BEST skit ever. They should just let Christopher Walken host the show forever I NEED MORE COWBELL!!