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  1. Favorite Non-Devil Player

    I'd love to see Drew Doughty in a Devils jersey. One can only wish.
  2. What Do You Pledge?

    I like your thinking and your guts. I hate the idea of a tattoo on my arm but if your will to match that pledge and if the Devils make the playoffs I too will get a matching tattoo on my arm and send in pics to this entire forum. I love the Devils, but the thought of getting anything permanent scares me. As a youngster I told my parents I'd never get a piercing or tattoo. But on the other hand I'd give almost anything for the Devils to make it in.
  3. KOVI chant

    Maybe Kovy justed needed to be knocked around a bit. I gotta say I really like Kovy when he's pissed off. I really admired the skill tonight of Kovy and Elias working in tandom. I hope they continue to keep those two together.
  4. A former Vezina and Jennings winner

    I don't understand why Maclean hasn't asked for a trade yet, he actually has some talent and should be on a team worthy of winning the Stanley Cup.
  5. Patrik Elias should be your favourite player

    While I don't believe that Elias would have consistently put up multiple 100 seasons if he had a chance on a more stacked team, but I do think that if Elias had been paired with an elite center for most of his career he would have broken 100 points at least a couple of times. The knock I have against Elias is that he needs a player to compliment his style for him to thrive. When we had Arnott who was motivated and doing the little things for him, Elias excelled. When Jason Arnott started mailing it in Elias struggled with him. I remember Elias and Gomez took a while to develop chemistry and Gomez also had a lot of inconsistency so that affected Elias's career stats as well. If Elias played next a Sakic, Forsberg, Thorton, etc. for four of five years in his prime, he would have broken 100 points in his career. That is something else I like about Parise over Elias. Parise is willing to make plays and finish them himself and he is just as willing to work with his line mates. Maybe Parise's rookie year where he got stuck on the 3rd and 4th lines forced him to have that mentality.
  6. Patrik Elias should be your favourite player

    Honestly at the peak of both of their careers (that is if we consider Parise right now at his peak), I would say Elias was more dangerous then Parise. Elias is still a very good offensive player and Zach is certainly the better player right now, but if you look at some of the old video clips of Elias in his mid twenties skating and dangling the puck, he was at the times the most dangerous winger in the league when he was confident. Elias in his prime was much stronger then Parise and I agree with Devils731 in that Elias has a lot more creativity with the puck. Elias was also a threat to score in many more places on the ice than Parise and defensively Elias also gets the nod. Zach does have the quickness advantage. Zach has such quick feet and hands he drives other teams nuts. I also do believe at the end of both of their careers, Parise's stats will easily eclipse Elias and Parise is more likely to end up in the hall of fame assuming he doesn't suffer some major injury or melt down. I find the comparison between the two players similar to what Penguin fans say about Jagr versus Lemieux. Mario had the better career, but many Penguin fans will tell you that Jagr's best games were better that Lemieux in his prime. I kind of feel that same way between Parise and Elias. When Elias was at his peak and at his best, he was better than Parise is now. However, I do feel that Parise will have the better career because I can't remember that last time Parise had a bad game and he is always hustling and working. Elias was a very streaky player and there were times when you would wonder if he even had any ice time. I also think Elias is a good influence on the young players on the team. Elias is one of the best players at being at the right place at the right time to score a goal. One thing I've noticed about Parise and Brian Gionta during his career year, is that both of them look a lot Elias around the net grabbing those rebounds and getting open. Parise is a much different player now than his rookie year and I think players like Elias have taught him a lot.
  7. Zach Parise takes batting practice at the Metrodome

    I'm actually not really that shocked to hear this. The kid has terrific hand eye coordination so it is no suprise that it translates over to hitting a baseball as well. You'll see a lot of athletes playing other sports for charity and looking like naturals just because of their athletic ability. I remember watching some football player getting a hold of jenny finch fastball on the Jimmy Kimmel show while Jimmy Kimmel himself looked hopeless. Pro Athletes are just super human.
  8. Maurice: We need to do a better job on Parise

    Parise is such a different player these last two years then he was in his rookie season. He reminds me a lot of Joe Sakic on how he is always moving around and finds those open pockets of space to make his plays. I think Maurice got it right by not so much shadowing him and focusing primarily on him, but rather taking away his options and giving him less time. Faster mobile defensemen are actually better suited for handling Parise then slow physical defensemen.
  9. Maurice: We need to do a better job on Parise

    I can't imagine what its like to be a fan against the Devils in the playoffs. I'd be scared every time I saw Parise on the ice. His ability to find open ice and always be around rebounds is scary. He has the best instincts of any forward I've ever seen play for the Devils.
  10. OOT Scoreboard - Fri. 3/27.

    Went to the ducks game tonight despite being a fan of neither. One of the most intense games I've seen in a while.
  11. Parise vs. Elias

    Point production aside, another debate I'd like is who would you rather have on your team? Assuming of course this is Parises's career year. Its a hard choice, but I'd take Elias as he was 8 years ago in his prime. He was faster then Parise is right now, was much stronger and once of the best stick handlers in the league. Parise definately sees the ice better, has a a much more accurate shot. Its really close but I'd choose Elias simply because of his better size.
  12. Brookbank is now #2

    Ken Sutton I believe also wore #2.
  13. 5.8 Quake hits Socal

    I got tossed off my bed. I was asleep and laying on the edge of my bed. At first I thought my apartment was getting bulldozed, but it kicked in right away it was an Earthquake. I got to my feet and in my doorway right away and for some reason standing there thinking it was going to get even worse in a second. It was building up more and more and then just it ended. There was maybe like 5/6 seconds of heavy shaking and maybe about 10 - 15 seconds of just a little bit of trembling. That was the first big earthquake I went through since I've lived here for 3 years.
  14. Man stabbed,decapitated on a bus

    I feel really bad for the passengers. The first news report said the kid let out a scream that nobody will forget when he was being stabbed. Many of them are probably going to need counseling. I just want to know what the hell made the guy want to stab this kid if he isn't just some crazy psycho with no motive.
  15. The Way I'll Always Remember Sarge...

    If Brylin was 2 inches taller and 30 pounds heavier he would have been a dominant NHL player. He did everything right. He was as good as anyone on the A-line at cycling the puck down low, was a fluid skater with great speed in his youth and had a terrific pair of hands. I really liked watching him and Mogilny play with one another. I also bet if he played his career in Europe he would have lit it up over there. It is sad at how the business is, but his time is done and the Devils got everything from him. He also got everything from the Devils. Not many players get to hang up the skates with three stanley cup rings. He is a winner.