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  1. I used to have a black hat similar to below that had the NJ without the circle. It looked great on the hat, not sure it would look as good as the main crest on the jersey.
  2. I was bored on the plane today and bought the hockey news 2017 Future Watch issue. They have Ryan McLeod ranked 10th for 2018
  3. The feed was absolutely unwatchable tonight but McLeod just scored the 2OT game winner in a 2-1 game 3 win for Missasauga. He also had an assist on the earlier goal by Watson.
  4. I saw this on the Puck Daddy eulogy for the Hawks. I laughed.
  5. Yeah, this one always stood out to me. Nevermind pissing off the player but they had just spent a year literally putting the crappiest product on the ice possible with the sales pitch being that they needed to finish last to get one of the two sure fire franchise centers available in the draft. they traded every goalie that strung together a few good games and the fan base still kept buying tickets. In the end. they got the player that they always knew they had an 80% chance of ending up with if they finished last so how does this PR flop happen? That dude was just bizarre.
  6. If we can get an asset for Kovy returning to the NHL through NJ that's fine but I have absolutely no desire to watch the 34 year old version of him float through all 2 minutes of every PP while our young guys are nailed to the bench.
  7. Preds looked really good in the 1st. Crawford keeping the Hawks in this. Agree that it was a total BS call in the Bruins game
  8. I think he's a 2018. Saturday he was on the top line with Spencer Watson and his brother and he seemed to keep up just fine. He had a beautiful pass to Watson, where Watson got robbed by the goalie. I've heard he has a better shot that MM but that's hard to tell when you're just streaming a game on an ipad. I have no idea where he would be projected to go.
  9. I had the house to myself yesterday so I was able to buy the Missasauga vs Oshawa game. The Steelheads closed out the Generals 3-1 (4-1 series) and move on to play Peterborough in the OHL semis. Bastian had 1 G and 1 A. Despite not getting on the scoresheet, I thought McLeod was probably the best player on the ice. His linemates Watson and Ryan McLeod were good as well. MM could have easily had a few points if not for the Gens backup goalie standing on his head. If it translates to the NHL, I don't think we've had a guy who could so easily gain the zone on the rush or PP since Gomez 1.0. I was one of the people saying we should have taken Logan Brown at the time but McLeod really has me excited by the development he's shown this year. One year out, it definitely looks like Shero and staff knew what they were doing at the draft.
  10. I actually like when there are several games running at once. Wednesday night I was rapid fire flipping between games the way I would on a college football Saturday in October. Same thing last night between the Nashville curb stomping and the Leafs/Caps OT. I agree though that they could do a better job getting McDavid exposure
  11. I so badly want the Caps to absolutely destroy the Leafs. I'm so sick of listening to how they're going to dominate the world soon. Hopefully Nashville can go up 2-0 but they can't sit back for 2 periods if they get the lead and expect to win again. I watch a lot of their games and I'm still waiting for Norris winner Pk Subban to be a difference maker. He's been good but for all the hype, he was the 3rd best D man on the team, at best, this year. It really goes to show you just how much difference playing in some of the mega markets makes for winning awards.
  12. Jeez, I realize that's not even close to the final protected lists but I ended up with a defense of Ekholm, Vatanen, Brodin, Alzner, Myers, Nesterov, Kulikov and Zadarov. Bishop and Matt Murray in net. The forward situation is ugly but we have Josefson for the shootout if that D can get us their 0-0.
  13. I agree with 13-14. The combination of no hope of a high pick, Lou's roster full of past their prime re-treads and Brodeur acting like a child about playing time while a much better goalie sat the pine made that by far the worst season for me. The team felt like the Calgary Flames from a few years earlier that was not going anywhere but also refused to do any type of rebuild until Kiprusoff and Inginla were out of the picture. I've honestly checked out the last 10 games or so but overall, I was still pretty entertained this year. Watching Hall was a treat early in the season. Zacha's development has been fun to watch. Miles Wood is entertaining in a Clarktard 2.0 kind of way. Zajac had a nice season. Young guys like Quenneville, Blandisi and Santini look like future players. At least there's hope,
  14. 3 more assists and a 2nd star for McLeod last night in a 7-4 win to take a 2-1 series lead. He's now leading the entire OHL in playoff scoring although I'm guessing DeBrincat on the Erie Otters probably has a higher PPG pace.
  15. NHLN was showing Colby Sissons and the Swift Current Broncos last night vs Regina in the second round of the WHL playoffs. I went to bed before the end but apparently Sissons had the OT game winner. Also, during one of the intermissions they were talking about the tragic 1986 bus crash that killed 4 members of the Broncos. It's a pretty interesting story, especially because of what because of some of the others involved in the crash including Joe Sakic, Graham James and Sheldon Kennedy. I never knew anything about this but found a few articles that went into greater detail for anyone interested. The articles are a little dated but it was brought up on last night's telecast because they recently unveiled a new memorial for the 4 victims.