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  1. The Preds seemed to have tapped into something nationally. They might actually be a decent draw especially if they go up against the Pens. With the huge country singers all getting on board, I'm sure they'll draw some casual interest from areas that they never gotten to tune in before. I can't imagine Garth Brooks isn't going to do the anthem for game 3.
  2. 2000 ECF against the Flyers could easily be added to this list. Great game, Lindros drama, late 3rd period goal by Elias.
  3. My sister in law moved to Nashville 2 years ago. I've been to a lot of other NHL arenas and I think they have by far the best combination of arena, atmosphere, location in the league. I can't imagine how wild it would have been down on Broadway last night. Unfortunately, I was in Nashville for games 1 and 2 vs the Blues (Played in St Louis) and then in St Louis two weeks ago during game 6 in Nashville. I was SOOOO close to being all over that series.
  4. Haha, suck it Vesey!
  5. Did you mean he looked like Johansen before the season ending injury or after? Normally I have a pretty strong opinion about who, or at least what type of player we should draft. In this case, I find that i haven't even thought to much about it. I'm almost more intrigued about what we'll get with the 2nd and/or what we can trade for before the expansion draft. With the 1st overall, I trust that Shero and Castron will do their homework on the Patrick injuries and pick the guy who is right for what they are trying to build. Even in hindsight, I haven't disliked much about any of Shero's moves since becoming the GM. I hated the McLeod pick over Brown at the time but this past season has pretty much shut me up on that.
  6. Maybe Washington will make a big play for Kovy. They're going to need to do something bold to get that fanbase back interested after pissing another postseason away.
  7. So true. I honestly didn't believe they would actually pull this off until about 19 seconds left. I was sure that POS Krieder was going to tie it up
  8. Hopefully this Canadian team can actually sell out all of their conference final games
  9. I hate that offsides is reviewable
  10. Well, this is exciting news. I never really had too much animosity towards Kovy after he left because I did think it was a good thing we got out from that contract when we did. That being said, now that we're in a rebuild situation, I just have absolutely no desire to see him in a Devils uniform ever again. I'm interested in what type of return we could get for him. With absolutely no proof to back up my claim, I can't imagine a lot of bad habits that he had when he first came here haven't crept back into his game after several years in the KHL. Again, not something I want around a team full of young players.
  11. Has anyone ever said this or was it just assumed when we won the draft lottery combined with McLeod really picking up his game in the second half of the year? I know Zacha produced much better as a wing this year but that's to be expected of a rookie.
  12. Mississauga dropped the first two games of their series with the Erie Otters. McLeod was held pointless in those games but scored the winning goal last night and was 1st star. Bastian scored the tieing goal in the third period as the Steelheads won 4-3 to make the series 2-1 Erie.
  13. We all would but the point is that it's most likely going take a 7 year offer at top dollar to even get him to consider coming here.
  14. Adidas does plenty of college football uniforms without adding the 3 stripes. Off the top of my head, UCLA, Miami and Tennessee in recent years. Adidas and the NHL can't possibly be stupid enough to try and force them onto hockey sweaters, can they?
  15. Who knows what will happen by July 1 but I feel like his number is coming down really fast in these playoffs, especially if Washington ends up bowing out in 5 or 6 games to a Crosby-less Pens team. The key is that even if we overpay, it has to be clear he's coming in to play the Marik Zidlicky role. If a team is expecting him to come in and be a first pairing two way guy, it's going to be a train wreck.