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  1. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Given Stamkos' play since breaking his leg, I would be scared sh&tless about signing him to the numbers that are being thrown around.  I think Yzerman is smart if he doesn't go more than a million higher than his original offer @ 8.5.     
  2. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    When this subject comes up, I always ask people how many of those cups were you actually aware and invested in the team for?   Honestly, I would rather have the 3 cups and 5 finals appearances we've had since I started watching hockey over a ton of banners in the rafters I wasn't even alive for.  My favorite is to ask "How many parking lot parades have you been able to attend?" because that takes out the stupid retort you usually get right off the bat.         
  3. New Jersey Devils' Lineup/Roster Thread 2015-16

    At this point, sitting Severson 2 games should be more than enough to send a message.  It's one thing when injuries force us to use the depth guys but I can't watch another night of the Gelinas-Helgelson paring knowing that a much better player is sitting in the press box healthy.  
  4. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    I agree, he does things I've never seen anyone else do before.  I drove out to Erie last year to see a game and he was doing this kind of stuff to other junior players, but I never thought we would see him do this to NHLers, especially this quick.    Here's a picture from the game we went to last year.  Lots of talent.  From left to right, Christian Dvorak, Max Domi, Alex DeBrincat, McDavid and Marner is in the top right.     
  5. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Well, McDavid is back. Just scored one of the more incredible goals you'll see.  Kid is unreal 
  6. World Cup of Hockey

    I think it's exactly the same.   I was originally responding to the point that it might soon be my only opportunity to see country vs country using NHL players.  If it's a product like the Olympics where there is history and passion and every country wants to win, I'm all in.  If it's a half a$$ed product with only 6 actual national squads and probably only one country that actually cares about winning it, I might just elect to not to invest much effort into the inferior product.    Sorry, I said I was done clogging up this thread.  Now I'm really done.    
  7. They're getting snarky in Toronto (article)

    Not sure what they were expecting this quickly.  I still think the LL hire makes sense from the standpoint that it was a f'ing circus up there last season and there were leaks to the media out of management about everything.  Anyone remember the whole "scored earth policy" thing?  What franchise lets their fanbase know they're going scored earth before they even start?   I wasn't a fan of what Lou did here for about the last decade but he was kind of the perfect person to step in and stop all of the non-sense up there.   There's not a person in hockey that demands as much respect the second he walks in the room.   When Babcock first got hired, he talked about making it a safe environment for his players.  He and Lou are perfect to create that.  How much less abuse does a guy like Phaneuf take every day from the fanbase and media this year?  Would Kessel have to put up with half of the crap he did if he were still there this year?  I think that is going to be key if they ever want to build a winner in that crazy ass city, especially when they start to bring the prospects up and they don't turn into Toews/Kane on day one.     I hate the Leafs but they kinda look like they're finally doing it right this time IMO.  They're letting their prospects develop in the CHL/Minors.  Babcock is still coaching to win with the group he has instead of letting a loser mentality set in like when Edmonton and Buffalo decided they were all in for the tank.       
  8. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    I just meant recently it seems like all special teams points.  I agree it's not been a season long issue.     
  9. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    I logged on to say that I'm getting a little concerned that most of Zacha's production lately seems to come off the PP.  I really want to see more 5v5 scoring.  I always laugh that Maple Leafs fans think that Marner's OHL production translates into some sure fire Patrick Kane clone when half the time it seems like he ends the night -1 with 2-3 points all on that loaded PP in London.  Not watching but it does appear Zacha has the primary assist on an even strength goal so far today (1 minute left in the first at the time I'm posting)   
  10. John Scott - Players Tribute article

    That's another great article.  I haven't watched an all-star game in years but I might tune in tonight.  I have a feeling the other guys on the ice will do everything they can to not embarrass him and will probably even make a point to tee him up for a few goals.     Also, with all the exposure he's received and the grace and humor he's handled it all with, I would be surprised if he didn't have a career as a color commentator when he retires from playing.      
  11. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    Can't watch it tonight but it looks like Quenneville and the Wheat Kings are on NHLN at 9.  They also have a kid that is the early favorite to go #1 in the 2017 draft, Nolan Patrick 
  12. World Cup of Hockey

    I understand the dynamics of everything you stated but what do you want me to tell you?  I'm not trying to start a protest against the World Cup or anything.  By the time it rolls around, I might even watch a few games.  It's just that what they've proposed holds absolutely no appeal to me.  Also, I disagree with the bolded part.  They have their problems and it's a short tournament but I don't really find the hockey at the Winter Olympics gimmicky at all.  There's a lot of history to it that I do think makes competing for a gold medal so much more important to both the players and their countries. I really don't see anyone in the World Cup having 1/10th the pressure to win that Russia did in '14 or Canada in '10 which is part of the appeal.   I realize the World Cup might be the only option going forward IF I really need to watch some form of nation on nation tournaments.   That sucks but since you brought up the NFL, a good comparison for me is when the NFL took away my Cleveland Browns. They replaced it with some sh***y franchise a few years later that I was told was the same thing but it really wasn't.  Uniforms are the same, history book is the same, etc.  The players, the management and even the various transactions I followed for years were all different.  Obviously it's now my only option to see pro football in Cleveland and while I might watch parts of games in the background, I've never sat down and watched a full game since.    Anyway, I will refrain from cluttering this tread up with any more anti-world cup posts.  I was originally just responding to the question about anyone looking forward to it.           
  13. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    I think they should just suspend him the 20 games regardless of his excuse or past record.  Even if you think it's borderline, for the sake of your officials, this shouldn't be tolerated at all. 
  14. GDT: Devils @ Pens 7PM MSG+

    Fair enough about the specific places I slotted guys but given that we're rebuilding on the fly, I'm comfortable with the 1st line guys + Zajac and Palmieri as top 6.  Regardless of where you want to slot them, Kalinen and Blandisi definitely look like useful bottom 6 guys going forward. (BTW, I agree that Bladisi is not a top 6, I just slotted him there to start Zacha on the 3rd)  Zacha should be a relatively effective top 9 LW next year given everything I've seen from him. The main point is regardless of how this season finishes out, it's a huge improvement to where we were heading into last years draft when I would have said we had two legitimate top 6 players (Cammi and Henrique), Zajac regressing towards a third liner, Elias regressing towards retirement and 3 top 50 draft picks plus some B level propects like Boucher and Matteau to build towards the future with.  I also had Quenneville pretty much written off at the end of last year given how horrible of a season he had and he looks like he's back on track to at least be a useful middle pairing guy in the future.  .  
  15. GDT: Devils @ Pens 7PM MSG+

    Agreed.   If you think back to where we were this summer with the forward group, this season has already been a huge success.   Palmieri has proven to be a really good young top 6 player that we basically stole from the Ducks.  Zajac and Henrique have had seasons that make you feel good about their contributions going forward.  I didn't have high hopes for Boucher, Matteau or Josefson and still don't but Kalinen and Blandisi look like very useful 3rdline players moving forward and the other guys can round out the 4th.    It could be a lot worse than going into next year with: Cammilleri-Henrique-Stempniak Blandisi- Zajac - Palmieri Zacha - Kalinin - Boucher Matteau - Josefon - xxx Hopefully Zacha would work his way up to the second line by Christmas and Blandisi could be more appropriately slotted on the 3rd line.   It looks even better if Shero pulls another Stempniak out of hit hat so that Zacha and Blandisi both spend the year on the 3rd line.