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  1. McLeod and Mississauga really turning it on. 2G + 1A and 2nd star in a 6-2 win tonight. No points for Bastian
  2. Here's the highlights. The McLeod assist on the Cascagnette goal was also really nice.
  3. McLeod with another big night. He had 3G and 3A in a 10-1 win for Mississauga and while I don't typically put a lot of stock in racking up points in a huge blowout, he did score the first two goals of the game and all 6 of his points came on the first 6 Steelheads goals. Bastian got a goal as well.
  4. This blows. His development has been one of the few fun things to watch with this team lately.
  5. I think we can write off any hope of Shattenkirk. I guess that the rumors that it's NYR or bust might be true. I can't believe he would pass up Tampa and a 6 year 42 million contract, especially when you factor in the tax implications.
  6. Whoa, no way am I sending Severson, Quenneville, a 2nd and a 3rd to the Blues for a signed Shattenkirk. It's not even so much the overall price as much as I don't see how upgrading Severson to Shattenkirk makes us all that much better. We need both so I would rather overpay if possible on July 1st.
  7. Any word on Zacha's injury?
  8. Hmmm, that seems like a team that might need to trade for a slightly used Cammalleri
  9. I think you put Cammy right back in and see if he responds to being scratched yesterday.
  10. Cammi is a healthy scratch tonight. Well earned IMO
  11. I would go with Gretzky, Orr, Howe, Hasek and probably Crosby jumping over Lidstrom at this point. As pointed out, Crosby has a much better 200 ft game than Lemieux and Mario had even more of his career wiped out by injuries/illness. Not that it is necessarily a prerequisite to be on a top 5 list but I have a hard time putting Jagr or Messier up there because at no point do I remember considering them the best player in the game at any point in time.
  12. No scoring by our guys last night but the good news is that Bastian is playing again so the injury wasn't too serious.
  13. I think overall, we're in pretty good shape going forward. Up front we have 1 clear 1st line player in Hall and Zacha certainly looks like he'll be a second one within a year or two, Palmieri Zajac and Henrique are good 2nd line players and I don't think it's a stretch to say we should be able to fill out a strong middle six in 2 years with those 3 plus some combination of Speers, McLeod, Q, Wood and Blandisi. The back end is a little uglier but Severson is a 2-3, Sanitini looks like a 2nd paring guy so far and Merrill has improved enough to be a 3rd pairing fixture IMO. Basically between our 1st rounder this year, a shrewd trade or two around the expansion draft and getting a free agent with our pile of cap space, we need to add 1 first line player and two top 4 defenseman. That would slot everyone else named above into their proper roles and this team would look pretty damn good IMO. All that being said, getting lucky in the draft lottery certainly wouldn't hurt.
  14. 2G for Speers tonight in a 7-2 win for Sault St Marie.
  15. I sound like a broken record but McLeod with a goal and an assist and another 1st star in 3-2 win today. He also had two other two point games this week.