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  1. Yeah but part of the reason the trade didn't really hurt the Oilers is because they ALSO signed Lucic to replace Hall without giving up an asset other than cap space. If we added Yandle or someone like that through free agency to take Larssons spot, it would be a different story. it was still a great trade.
  2. Haha, the Leafs just blew a 4-0 lead to the Jets capped off by Laine's hat trick winner in OT. That kid can snipe.
  3. I'm embarrassed to say there were actually a few minutes there right after the Schneider deal where I didn't know how to feel about it. I spent the whole draft hoping Nichushkin would fall to our pick and he did. At this point, who would you be willing to send to Dallas for him? I think he was getting a decent amount of time with Spezza and was still pretty underwhelming.
  4. Other than Washington, Pittsburgh and Tampa at the top and Toronto on the bottom, not a whole lot separates 4-15 in the Eastern conference IMO. Maybe Florida belongs in that top group as well but I just don't understand the level of changes they made on and off the ice after they had their most successful season in a long time.
  5. Since we drafted Stephane Matteau's kid, I see no reason we won't draft the son of the guy who probably had the second most painful goal against the devils in team history. That creampuff Brodeur let in from the blue line in game 6 of the 2001 SCF still bothers me. Thanks for the list CD. I usually do a hockey trip with my Dad every winter and in recent years we've been hitting up OHL games. Between the Devils drafting McLeod/Bastian and them having two 2017 top 10 prospects, I think we're leaning toward heading to Mississauga (or at least catching them as an away team) this year.
  6. Catching up to this a little late. That would be a tough pill to swallow as a Florida fan just to get rid of a contract everyone knew was pretty ugly the day it was signed. Arizona having a great summer adding Keller, Crouse and Chychrun to their already loaded stable of young talent. Goligoski was a decent add as well.
  7. This is silly. I prefer the experience of going to games at the Rock than being an away fan in Philly, but for me I usually get offered free tickets for the Devils games in Philly through work so I'll probably just do more of that this year. I don't mind paying more to go to games in Newark if there is a reasonable secondary market but that doesn't sound like the case here.
  8. This is pretty much how I felt about it as well. It would have been a much bigger deal had he been a natural RW
  9. At this point I think this is going to drag out over the weekend.
  10. With our LW depth, I'm not even sure this is that big of a deal, at least no where near if he were a natural RW. It would just be fun to "win" one of these for once.
  11. Eddie Mio night at the garden would be spectacular
  12. If he chooses NJ in a UFA situation where his salary is capped, I would assume, or at least hope, he would be given a lot of leeway. I think it's the fans of the teams that don't get him that will want to crucify him.
  13. I ended up at Simon Gagne night against the Kings last year. I too like the idea of the Ring of Honor. Easy way to acknowledge a lot of guys who made significant contributions to the franchise without getting silly with the jersey retirements.
  14. The more I think about this, I still think it's Toronto or Boston. There was a lot of talk right after he spurned Nashville that Poile might be building a case for tampering. I feel like these names are being floated to give the illusion of him sorting through other opportunities throughout the league so that when he does pick his team it seems like it was an open competition, especially if he plans to go to Toronto with Daddy. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that he would pass on a young small market Nashville team that is closer to competing for a cup just to hit UFA and come to NJ, which is effectively also a small market team in terms of exposure and media attention. Lou likes to pay absolute top dollar for his two way middle six wingers so if that's the case, he could be tough to beat.
  15. I can't imagine he actually comes here but I agree that getting this far into it is another indication of what a good job Shero is doing.