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  1. In Russia NHL returns you. Kovalchuk staying in KHL.

    I like how Shero handled this entire ordeal. From the very beginning, he basically put it on the agent to find a trade that would be suitable to the Devils. it seems like he wasted very little time trying to appease Kovy and when the offers came back not to his liking, he let Kovy go back to Russia. I know some people think any asset he could have got back would be better than nothing, which is true in a vacuum but I also think it's important that Ray maintain his integrity when he sets a price and not let anyone call his bluff. I think back to the Hall/Larsson trade where he told Chiarelli that the only thing he would accept for #5 was Hall (or McDavid) and in the end, that's exactly what he got.
  2. 2017 UFA Thread

    What would people think of signing Markov for the 2 years he's asking? I think it could be part of a good short term solution for the defense while Shero works to find more permanent long term guys for the backend. Also, given how long it typically takes for defenseman to develop, The other thing I would like to see Shero do would be to target D prospects who were drafted in '15 or '16 using Kovy or possibly Henrique as the bait. Off the top of my head, I'm specifically thinking of guys like Dante Fabbro in Nashville or Jacob Larsson in Anaheim. If we just wait until the '18 draft to start bolstering the backend, it's going to be a long wait until we're a serious contender again.
  3. 2017 UFA Thread

    Haha, I guess I didn't think that all the way through. Futures would probably be more likely since they seem to be in win now mode with Weber, Price, Pacioretty, Alzner all in their middle to late prime. The general point remains the same though, Bergevin seems like he might be primed to overpay on Kovy after losing their second leading scorer from a year ago.
  4. 2017 UFA Thread

    Bergevin seems primed to make a desperation move (Kovy?) with Radulov signing elsewhere. Unfortunately they already moved Sergachev. Does Shero just hold out for Galchenyuk?
  5. 2017 UFA Thread

    Based on how everyone in hockey told us the lead up to the expansion draft was going to be one of the craziest offseason events we've ever witnessed, sure it's disappointing that we're not at least sitting here with a guy like Vatenen right now. That being said, I think people are being way too pessimistic about Shero and this team going forward. When he took over a little more than 2 years ago, he was left with pretty much nothing other than that some cap flexibility and a star goalie. Because of 10 years of losing/trading top picks and then using the ones we did keep for 3rd line grinder types, it was always going to take a few drafts to restock the system. The team clearly needed to embrace that fact that we needed a rebuild, we just didn't nuke the thing and go full tank like he Buffalo's and Toronto's of the world. Here we are 27ish months later having added 5 forwards that everyone here should be really excited about in Hall, Palmeiri, Hischier, Zacha and McLeod and Shero managed to pull two of them out of his first draft when he still had that dinosaur Conte leading things. He's also clearly changed the teams drafting style where we are at least drafting guys with later picks who have top end up side. The majority of them won't hit, but at least when they do, they'll be more than Jay Pandolfo clones. I'm very happy with the direction Shero and Castron have this part of the operation going So that leads us to this offseason where we clearly need to upgrade the D. The expansion draft kind of fizzled because McPhee and "the pledge" were successful in shutting down most of the pre-draft movement only to turn around and let most of the teams he had put in a bind, off the hook. That left us basically hoping we could steal a guy in Shattenkirk who has been linked to the Rangers for 18 months and already spiked a trade to a Tampa team that's much closer to winning and had a 7 year/42 million offer on the table at the trade deadline. Other than him, I haven't really seen anyone moved that I wished could have been added as a long term solution. There are still a lot of names out there that are rumored to be moved and plenty of teams that have holes to fill on their rosters, so I do anticipate that there's still some significant movement yet this offseason. The truth is that this was always going to take at least another draft until we had the type of assets built up that allowed us to make moves as they presented themselves but if Shero can turn the gift he was handed in Kovy into a young defensemen like Ryan Murray/Vatenen or at least a top defensive prospect like Fabbro that would be a good start. Sorry for the long post, just wanted to point out that I think this rebuild is going quite well. I'm a little baffled by some of the comments about this now being the tipping point because I think with all of the young forward talent we've been adding, this will be the most entertaining product we've had in years. It sucks that we couldn't land a guy in Shattenkirk that's skill set is exactly what we're missing, but he's also a 2nd pairing defender on a contender, so it's not like Scott Niedermayer walking out the door. In general, I feel like we've already gone through the ugliest part of the rebuild, why jump now?
  6. 2017 UFA Thread

    Maybe but I suspect you might see some of the numbers for the forwards go up once you have someone on the back end that can help out our transition. I see his addition similar to Zidlicky. I would love to end tomorrow with Shattenkirk and Ryan Murray (kovy)
  7. Summary of and thoughts on Devils' 2017 Draft Picks

    He also got robbed on deals for Bertuzzi and Chara right around that time as well. I remember seeing something where if he had just not traded anyone and taken the top ranked player at their draft position (Heatley or Gaborik over DiPietro for example) they would have been a juggernaut. Edit: He included a top pick with Chara in the Yashin deal which turned out to be Spezza. Basically, he should have had a young core of Luongo, Chara, Bertuzzi, Spezza, Jokinen and one of Heatley/Gaborik.
  8. Summary of and thoughts on Devils' 2017 Draft Picks

    I keep seeing him listed as playing for Prince George but isn't he wearing a Moose Jaw Warriors jersey in all the highlights. Was he traded?
  9. 2017 UFA Thread

    I understand what you are saying but we are still a draft or two away from having a lot of movable assets (thanks Lou). The team needs to be thinking long term but they also can't possibly go into next year without at least finding 1 more D man that can make an outlet pass. With that in mind, which of our limited assets with any type of trade value are you more willing to part with than Henrique to address said defensive issue?
  10. The NJ Offseason Thread

    I thought we were trying to get faster? He was great to watch for the almost two years he was here but that ship has sailed IMO. He couldn't really keep up with Barkov and Huberdeau anymore.
  11. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Isn't Tippett known to be a disaster with young guys? Last thing we need right now is DeBoer 2.0 I know we'll probably never see anything like Hall/Larsson, Weber/Subban, Stamkos signing all within 20 minutes again but hopefully we see a few big deals this week. Despite what Sakic says publicly, he has to move Duchene now, right?
  12. Devils select C Jesper Boqvist in 2nd round

    Or Roman Josi
  13. GDT: 6/23 and 6/24- NHL Draft

    So are we all holding our breath for Hague/Timmins today? I've seen Hague quite a bit from watching McLeod's games with Mississauga but past that, I'm just going off of the ratings in the Hockey News. There are a couple of other defenseman rated in the 40's by both ISS and the Hockey News: Marcus Phillips (Owen Sound) and Dylan Samberg (Minnesota Duluth commit)
  14. Devils select Nico Hischier #1 overall in 2017 Draft

    Tell me about it. I spent a good portion of the second half of the draft last night texting my Flyers friends asking if Patrick was on IR yet or if he had pulled a groin on the way to the stage.
  15. GDT: 6/23 and 6/24- NHL Draft

    There's certainly some big names left for tomorrow morning in Hague, Ratcliff, Lind and Timmins. Hopefully the Devils can land one