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  1. Wow I just realized it's Wednesday.

  2. T-Devils ad in the Trentonian

    "Rick McKay" can you say Freudian slip?
  3. T-Devils ad in the Trentonian

    What kills me is the first period of game one they looked like a hockey team. they were passing (accurately), shooting (one timers!!!!! By the home team at SBA!!!), and hitting people. By the end of the horrid homestand they a Kowalsky hockey team. Based on the last two years of Kowalsky hockey...what you see is what you get. I'd be willing to bet that this team's fundamentals won't improve. Individual players may improve themselves, but the team won't.
  4. Cormier To Trenton

    Rats. I thought it was Kowalsky just being a dope and not playing him. Dammit
  5. Cormier To Trenton

    I'd put Tony Z at 5'4" myself. Another big guy is a huge plus especially with Elmira in the division
  6. T-Devils win both pre-season games vs. Elmira!!!

    We'll see how Smith does this year in nets as well He ended strong, but early on one bad goal would pretty much finish him. Two 'iffy' goalies does not bode well. We'll find out shortly
  7. Joe Rooney article...

    Yeah, he had a strong start, and tailed off dramatically.
  8. Devils' Letourneau-Leblond hoping toughness earns him roster spot

    I've watched Pierre in Trenton. I've watched Pierre pound the other teams' tough guys, on one occasion in particular the guy was going down and Pierre dragged him back up again because he wasn't done with him. Last season the Elmira Cheapshots put several poundings on the T-Devs smaller players and generally acted even worse than the Flyers. Next time they came to town Pierre was brought down from Lowell. Nobody wanted anything to do with him. Dopey Kowalsky didn't even play him a lot; just his being on skates kept the Jackholes honest (as honest as they could be anyway) When he was picked up by one of the team suits, he said "I hear you have problem with Elmira. I fix problem". PLL brings a lot of intangibles.
  9. OT: Titans/T-Devs fans, know about TRENTON Thunder?

    Waterfront is a nice park. went to a game in July a couple years ago. Was nice until it got dark and the lights went on, which brought biting flies off the river. That wasn't so nice. Baseball bores me to tears but as an occasional treat the atmosphere is cool.
  10. Timonen out for playoffs (Flyers now officially DONE)

    Nah, they're toast. They were up against it to begin with. I'll go with 'tough and hard fought' simply because it's Flyers and Penguins but I don't know...I originally picked Pens in six but it may only go 5 now. Game 1 is really, really big for them now......
  11. Quenneville out as Avs coach

    This surprises me too, though I think he should've went with Budaj. Theodore was sick, at least for the first two games and he never looked as good as he did in the first round.
  12. T-Devils October Recap

    Well, they are doing public appearances throughout the summer and it's reasonable to assume curious people would check the website....and overhauling it now would mean any kinks could be worked out before the season started...
  13. It's here! Trenton Individual Recap: #8 Matt Cohen

    Well, he did improve, I'll agree with that. Victim of bad decisions sometimes.
  14. T-Devils October Recap

    It would've been nice had this been done after the Titans won the KC, but they just went into turtle mode. I still think the website needs a complete overhaul, but it's nice to see they haven't gone into hibernation.
  15. Conference Finals Predictions

    Pens and Wings, both in six. One note on my Penguins pick: In the first round I got 6 out of 8 series right, and the second three out of four and nailed two of those in the right amount of games. When Stars/Sharks went to OT last night I called 4 OTs if it went longer than 10 minutes. One of my misses was the Devils/Rangers (picked Devs in 7). The other two misses have involved the Flyers. Oddly though I'm more confident this time around picking against them than the other two series. It's a Philly sports team so sooner or later they're going to lose and I'm just going to keep predicting it until I'm right Plus somewhere about half the goals they scored should've been stopped. It's hard to pick against the Stars and I probably should at least give it seven games but...I'm sticking with Wings in six. Turco has certainly shed the playoff demons though. This would be the pick I would be less surprised to have wrong.