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  1. Atlantic Division: An Unbiased analysis

  2. Parise Signed

    read the ticker while watching the yankees game yesterday. great news. we need him and his speed. if gionta stays healthy and has good season like he did two years ago, with parise scoring we should be in good shape. thanks Lou.
  3. DEVILS 2007-08 SCHEDULE

  4. DEVILS 2007-08 SCHEDULE

  5. Devils Just Launched their New Site

    looks good, very easy to navigate. haven't been around, i wasn't aware of the people we got. feeling much better now that i see we got Zubrus and weekes. but yeah, the new site really stands out. lots of options to check out.
  6. Brent Sutter to be New Devils Coach

    heard it on the radio today. i'm glad they annouced it now, so they can focus on the team. sounds like a good choice. i'm not happy about getting someone with no nhl couaching experience, but at least he has coaching experience and was a former player with championship history. welcome to the team and good luck.
  7. Who do you want to see in a Devils jersey next year?

    damn, see what i'm saying, things are happening quick. we need to make a move, i wonder what lou is thinking. there has to be someone out there, not necessarily in the nhl.
  8. Rafalski to Wings

    well, brian gone, gomez to the rangers. i mean i'm not as upset about us losing him as i am to the blue shirts. whatever, they paid him well, and rafalski too. i don't blame lou for not giving that kind of money. we need some changes, but i wasn't expecting all these moves so quick. briere to the flyers! man, we better do something. maybe someone who can hit, but also score.
  9. Marty's Backup

    clemmy is a good back up and espec since brodeur still plays most of the games, but it would make sense to get someone solid just in case. i wouldn't mind belfour.
  10. Head Coach Scott Stevens

    i'm all for it, would be great to see scotty behind the bench, sure would be a motivator, but i agree, assistant first would make more sense. and i'd like to see lou try to fire him.
  11. OOT Scoreboard - Thurs. 5/10.

    yeah i guess go Buffalo, can't go for the sens. It should be a great series, but my friend who's a rangs fan said that buffalo has been getting all the calls and that's why they've gotten this far. I was talking to someone else who was wondering about how the sabres got this good this fast, so it could be because of the calls, but i can't see it being that much of a factor. either way i'm hoping for a good series and for the sabres to come out on top. So LETS GO SABRES!!
  12. Gomez playing for us next year?

    it's a tough decision. i like scotty, he's a tough player and still scores, espec with the egg line, but it may be time to break that up. i'm sorry, but elias doesn't seem to play as hard as he should. i know he's been sick, but man it really seemed to affect the team. if we can get someone good for scotty or some draft picks, it may be the only way, but i woudln't mind if he stays. other than him, i think rafalski, dowd, rasmussen and martin should go. don't know what their contracts are, but we have to make some changes.
  13. Who will win the cup now!

    this should be a great series whoever it is, but i'm thinking detroit. even though, i respect scotty nied, i can't go for anaheim. the series with buff and ott is going to be rough. whivere it was that said that the sens scare them was right, they are good, but maybe we wore them out. buff and detroit-wings win. as long as the rangs are out, i'm content.
  14. Before we all disperse

    i'm not going anywhere, the season is still going and there will def be lots of offseason stuff to talk about. but much thanks guys, great site. wish i'd known about it sooner, but at least i'm here now and it's fun to talk to people about the games, espec fellow devils fans. much props to the admin, but the fans are amazing. really love this scene and look forward to future games. Devils rule and we will be back.