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  1. Devils vs Blackhawks in March...

    You're asking if beer will be spilled on Saint Patrick's Day at a hockey game? Really?
  2. Shawn Avery

    I think Shawn Avery will always have a home on the New York Raingers, along with such legendary players as Brendan Shanrahan, Yaromir Yager, and Henrik Lungkissed. Who knows? Maybe some day he'll have his number retired along with Wayne Grettsgy, Marc Mezzier, Brian Leach, Rod Gilbaire, Mike Rickter, and Eddie Yowcomein. It's all up to Glen Sadir.
  3. Meeting up for Devils/Rangers...

    On line for $10s now - about 50 people here already, mostly Rags fans. Good luck, kids.
  4. Partial Season Plan is out

    RANT II: They're only offering the weekend plans in the end sections of the upper levels, behind the net. All I want is around 20 games in the upper corners, why is that such a hard thing to sell me? The college student excuse is a weak one - I'M a college student, I have money, I want to buy tickets, let's do this. I prefer sitting in the upper corners, regardless of price. Now I'm gonna have to roll up to the box office on the 12th with a long list of games to buy for, and that's just plain stupid. I mean, I have friends who started out getting season tickets at the Garden in the 400s - half season plans, no less! For this franchise, with all their attendance problems, to not provide a service that I can get from a Rangers franchise with a consistent 99% attendance rate is disgusting. (again, I just really needed to vent - these sales people have led me on all summer and I'm very angry)
  5. Partial Season Plan is out

    I take back a good chunk of my previous anger - the weekend plan covers more games than I thought they would offer.
  6. Partial Season Plan is out

    That's the plan. It just seems silly to have to buy extra game tickets to compliment a weekend/day plan because the team doesn't feel like providing a service that most other teams provide. I'm also just frustrated with having to wait until mid-September to lock up my seats. I'm sure all this will be forgotten once all the plans are released - I just needed to rant.
  7. Partial Season Plan is out

    RANT: I'm pretty annoyed by this. I don't understand why a team that has major attendance problems can't offer half season plans in the upper levels. They do it at MSG, where they sell out all the time, and they do it because those fans will likely upgrade year after year. That's how you build a satisfied fan base. I don't want to have to sit behind the view-wrecking nets in the lower level, squinting like mad to see what's happening on the other end of the rink, I don't have 41 free evenings to go to games, and I don't see why you wouldn't want asses in the seats, regardless of whether tickets to those seats were sold individually or under plans. A new arena is not an excuse to shoulder loyal fans aside.
  8. Looking for vintage Jersey

    I got the exact jersey you're talking about a few years ago by just searching on eBay every once in awhile. I bought the name/number kit from this seller in Toronto that's always been a great help - gamedaysportsarchives. Then I just had it stitched up by a local tailor - the whole thing cost about a buck ten all told. You just have to keep looking is all. This was taken the day after I had 8 hot dogs at a Habs game on my hockey road trip last season, in honor of Mr. Resch. I DOMINATED The Chico Challenge.
  9. If you own a Gomez jersey PLEASE LOOK

    I had considered burning mine, or sending it to one of my many Ranger fan friends, but decided on keeping it, since I wore it during every game of the 2003 playoffs, including five feet from the ice when Gomez skated by with the Cup. I think tampering with the jersey after that would likely anger the Hockey Gods. I would like to have an altered Gomez jersey, but I think it's funnier when it's an actual Rangers jersey, so as to trick the many illiterate Rangers fans:
  10. Devils New VP

    I hope my friend who does security doesn't lose his job. I wonder why he didn't tip us off to this one?
  11. I kinda wish they DID cancel the 03-04 season, in retrospect.