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  1. If we could trade

    This is dead on. Lou does not trade away guys who are what he views team players and Scott fits the role to a tee. He bleeds for the Devils and much like Marty, Pando, Madden and Brylin he has the life long Devil look. The only guy on the roster I can see Lou moving is Paul Martin. To many lazy passes in his zone, not very strong on the puck and seems to have major lapses at times. He has a great shot, to bad it cannot find the net. Also Lou has a very strong tendency if he does wheel and deal to ship a blueline guy over a forward. If lou is going to trade Gomer, I think either Datsyuk or some draft pick would be the way to go (This said from a guy who cut datsyuk from his fantasy team as he is not doing all that well.) I hope Gomer stays, but I understand the buisness and "In Lou We Should All Trust". Go Devils Go !!!!!!!!!
  2. OGT: Islanders @ DEVILS 7:30pm

    When Oduya left the ice he was clearly favoring his shoulder and arm. The crash into the boards did not look serious but you never know.
  3. Hi All

    Just wanted to say hello brat GO DEVILS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beat them Fishsticks tonight.

    Team work, dedication, commitment and mostly the fact they fit my personality. Devils 4 life baby
  5. Hello from SoCal

    Hi all from SoCal. A die hard Devils fan here who loves the team more than the sport. I am a hockey nut through and through and will be adding this to my stomping grounds. I use http://www.sportingnews.com/blog/SoCal%20Hockey%20Fan as my blogging site on all things hockey related. Feel free to drop by. Looking forward to meeting all the Devils fans here and having fun. Have fun and always remember GO DEVILS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!