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  1. Hi All

    Thanks for the welcoming committee!!! I just got back from Dallas and man it is good to be back with my Center Ice. This site RULES! I don't know who came up with the 100 sayings up next to NJDevs.com but yeah that was me refreshing until I could not find a new one and laughing the whole time. Nobody rules like Devils fans. We know it!!!! Have a good night anyone who is still awake and reads this. LOL I will be sure to brainwash him and bring him to Hell <evil grin> Go Devils!
  2. Hi All

    What's up people? I am a Devils fan from California. Before you start with the jokes, remember I am a Devils fan. Since 1993, actually!!!! A friend told me about this board so I have added it to my regular haunts, looking forward to meeting fellow fans and puck bunnies I have a semi hockey related Myspace if any of you are interested, check out the depths of my hockey obsession: http://www.myspace.com/jenidevilgirl Ciao and oh yeah! LET'S GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!