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    Mostly hockey and college football. I broadcast hockey games at my college, Holy Cross.
  1. Zubris president of Lithuanian youth league of some sort?

    Pardon my spelling. I can no longer spell words in English nor Lithuanian
  2. http://www.alfa.lt/straipsnis/10380215/?Zubrus.tapo.Nacionalines.vaiku.ledo.ritulio.lygos.prezidentu=2010-07-27_16-32 I read Lithuanian on what can probably be considered a 3rd grade level at the moment (I am in the 7th week of an 8 week intensive Lithuanian language course) so I am not completely sure what the story is here, but it seems Zubrus is involved in a youth hockey movement in Lithuania. Perhaps Niaure can give us a better translation. I checked, and there is nothing on the Devils site. Just thought this would be a pleasant distraction.
  3. College...

    I am graduating in 4 weeks from a small liberal arts college in New England (so cliche). Enjoy the next 4 years for those of you starting next fall, they will be a blast.
  4. Zajac

    I was working Stats in Woo-town (what we call it up here) writing goal summaries for each game. They were pretty sluggish, but got some good chances in the first 40 mins. They woke up in the 3rd but it was too late. And I don't believe Yale used 3 goalies in one game. I have never seen that before, and I have worked many college hockey games on the radio.
  5. Zajac

    I saw him play over the weekend. His stats aren't that impressive, but he must have some good leadership qualities to play so many games.
  6. 2010 NCAA Frozen Four Thread

    I am currently sitting on press row for the Northeast Regional and its 1-0 Yale over NoDak after 1. BC played ok, but nothing special. NoDak and Yale is a hard hitting contest so far.
  7. #1

    I was shocked when I looked at the standings. A pleasant surprise.
  8. 2010 NCAA Frozen Four Thread

    Wouldn't mind if they nuked the beautiful city that is Worcester
  9. 2010 NCAA Frozen Four Thread

    I will be working at the NE Regional. I hope some beats BC, I loathe them.
  10. GDT 3/18: Devils @ Leafs 7:30PM

  11. USA Mens' Hockey T-shirts & Team Jerseys

    I got mine, which I am currently wearing, at the NHLshop.com. It was like $30. Still a little pricy, but better than 40.
  12. GDT-Flyers @ Devils-Revenge Edition.

    Any one else lose GameCenter Live?
  13. Rumor- Kovalchuk to Devils

    Halischuk didn't dress for Lowell on Sunday. Is he still hurt?
  14. It

    I first heard of it last year when I was visiting Sweden. Never seen it played live though
  15. Has Queen Henrik moved his glove yet ?

    I don't hear Ranger fans giving Marty the same pleasantries that bekim wants us to give Henrik. In fact it has been the blatant dismissal of Marty's accomplishments by Rangers' fans that has turned me against the Pretty Princess, I use to like him.