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  1. Back Of Jersey Names

    Finished Looks OFFICIAL. NICCE
  2. too good of a price

    from what i see, there is no nameplate underneath the lettering of the name From IceJerseys.com
  3. 1995 Jersey Autographed Finally Framed

    This is the 1995 Stanley Cup team all on one jersey including coaches/trainers. I collected it over 3 years from going to the Devils Dinners and Random Autograph sessions and Stanley Cup showings. Finally got it framed I LIKE! its in a 3in shadow box
  4. Back Of Jersey Names

    $35.00 with a name plate
  5. Back Of Jersey Names

    will do. should have it back in 1 week.
  6. Back Of Jersey Names

    thanks, I ended up going to Michael's Sporting Goods in Franklin Lakes. NicCCEEE
  7. Janssen Due Back WHEN?

    Cam does not bring one offensive thing to the table at all. I just enjoy watching his crunching hits and him skating around the ice picking out his next target.
  8. Janssen Due Back WHEN?

    i agree, cams energy is intense and they need someone besides rupp to protect gio, parise, brylin
  9. Janssen Due Back WHEN?

    When they bringing Cam back. They need to bring him back up!
  10. Spending the Night in the Continental ER

    I don't know why I read that but I did. Take percs, vikes are whack.
  11. Back Of Jersey Names

    I was wondering if anyone knew where to get Names for the back of jersey. I unstitched Rolston from the back of my #14 jersey and wanted to get it replaced with Gionta. Anyone know where to get this done. I have searched and called many places to no avail. Thanks in advance. Brian
  12. SUMO HOCKEY -- Devs. vs. Blues

    Anyone see me and my 3 boys doing the Sumo Hockey on Wednesday when they played the blues! That gear is so sweaty!! i scored 2 goals baby yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  13. Discount Offer - 2/14 vs. Monreal

    I go to everyone one of these games with like 8 of my coworkers and friends. nice cheap night! The only thing is you get the fans that dont know sh!t and are annoying the whole game!!
  14. This is weird

    They have 50% of framing. I have a Jersey with the entire 95 team autographed including coaches and training staff in there right now. I got 3 velvet mats, 3 inch shadow box with a spot a plaque cut out and it was supposed to cost 1300.00. got it for 650 after tax. Go check it out!!